Qubicle How To's and Tutorials (Help)

Hey guys, after seeing all this great work. I want to start using Qubicle. But I’m having a tough time. I can’t find any good How To’s or Tutorials. I want to learn the very basic commands like camera controls and how to make simple objects. Like an empty box or a sword and work my way up to making a person.

Maybe some of you guys want to leave some of your tips and tricks here. Please do, any help is welcomed and we can teach each other. If you guys know any good sites or videos. Please let me know.



It is well worth watching through the official tutorial. I know it is rather slow and quite long, but it will answer many of your questions.

I will get you started however:
To get straight to modelling; open Qubicle > Look at all the icons at the top and click the wireframe cube shape with a + symbol > put the sliders to ne all at least 41 and click OK > now click slice in the “Edit Modes” tab to the left of the window. This will zoom in. If you look at the scroll bar on the far right, this will let you go through each “slice” for pixel editing. in the Tools tab, click the pencil with a + symbol; you can now draw on pixils.

If you go back to Matrix view, you can simply build in 3D

Hold ALT + left click to rotate
Hold Alt + Middle mouse to move the whole object around

But mostly, watch the video =)

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Dude, there is exactly what you’re asking for on the Qubicle website under “Tutorials”. Literally the first tutorial. It shows all the basics.

Watch the twitch stream archives and look at what Tom is doing and learn from that as well.

Also, you can import bitmap images into Qubicle and turn them into 3D models extremely easy (I like doing this). There is also a tutorial for that on the Qubicle website.

As for creating simple objects, it’s super SUPER easy after you know the controls to start doing that. I personally found it easier to start with a bitmap of an object I wanted to make more detailed and imported it.

Good luck.

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Tom helped me a bunch as well, I always got stuck on how to get a base shape from a cube and he has a very good method for that. His streams are eye-opening.


@ernierock If you’ve ever seen someone carve something out of foam or ice, that would be very similar to Tom’s method using Qubicle… at least to get the basic shape.

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Thanks for the. It seems I will need the full version to use most of the other tools. But I got a good understanding on how to use it.

I hope Stonehearth user gets a special discount on the Master version of Qubicle.

By the sounds of things they’re working together to figure something out, time will tell what will come of it, but I’d say wait and see unless you wanted to purchase the Master version that is.

I will wait and see.

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Here’s the post for reference :slight_smile: Some quick notes on Qubicle Constructor, modelling, and animating

Great post and it’s awesome that Tim from Qubicle will work something out for us. So, I guess the right thing to do right now is to just take a wait and see what happens.