Simica's Voxel 2.0

So I decided to give a new thread on this. I broke down and bought qubicle pro 3.0

Well first thing I made with it. was drum roll

3D model view:

note: sadly sketchfab apparently doesnt work on the forums


lama, just hoping he does’nt spit

I plan on making a sheered version as well as a ridable version. so it has a saddle :smiley: and I am attempting to learn maya or blender. >.< sadly the animation part I am struggling with


It’s an Elvis Llama!

PS. VoxelPirate has a nice set of videos explaining making SH animations in Blender.

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cool! I will have to check them out. does it translate well to maya? i find even just looking at blender makes my eyes go cross eyed Dx

No idea. But I suppose skeleton-based keyframe animation is more or less the same, no matter the program.
Hey, Blender is cool! :slight_smile:
As soon as you optimize the window and put all the panels in their place.

maybe that is what i need to do then, its just all in your face at the moment and I have no clue where to even start

Another good video by VoxelPirate. Precisely about animating (and a little about Blender interface).