The Golem [Creation post]

Hi there!
Symbole here!


I finally bought Qubicle!

Thanks to @honestabelink for helping me out so-far on modeling
even though i will still need your help in testing and making the mod, but still thanks ^^

ask me whenever you need to test SV or if you want some feedback on it (i will run it excursively for you)
i will still support SV and you, (you know what i’m gonna do)
and am willing to help whenever you need me


i also ordered a backup CD as well (because whynot)
wonder if it’ll find it’s way to here in Korea

anyways i went right into modeling! (no games for today!)

I already made the torso, shoulders, head, core and waist with SV

it’s still not finished.
i’ll need to re-color it and make it look more like it should

also, the Left and right was reversed Honest!
but i suppose that’s a Left/Right handed problem that we already found


Took about half an hour foe me to learn all of the controls
(only if i could learn math that fast)

i still get a bit confused, but i suppose this is good enough for now
and i’m sure i’ll improve on this


all progress will be posted here under this topic!
including animations and stuff

Symbol Out!


I… think i over did it…


I like it, but I feel like the “overgrown” version should be, like, a levelled-up golem, to indicate age.


I like that idea.

i do have a pristine version that i saved just in case

i might get a use out of it!

Visuals will not effect the animations

i am starting on animating it!


i really really love it! perhaps have is eyes glowing green? kinda like his core.

i might do that witch 'm not sure it i can make it ‘glow’ (since it’s already being animated)

but if this animation fails to work, i might make a new matrix for that

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the idle got really… alive, and it looks kinda creepy

almost like it’s possessed by a soul or something…,wait.
that’s actually a good concept!

Edit: actally… no… It’s suppose to guard the Dryad, it shouldn’t be like… kreepy thing…

i better just try make it look more… Robot-ish


Some ideas you can try out, no idea if they’ll look nice or not:

  1. Vine wreath crown
  2. Leaves (not many, just 2-3 total)
  3. The long vine on the golem’s back?
  4. Chipped corner in a piece or two
  5. Grooves in the hand to delineate fingers

I’m under the impression this is a giant stone cyclops, with the big green gem being the eye. There seems to be two engraved eyes in the block above the green gem. Is that the golem’s head? If so, perhaps you can dig in around it to give it a bit more of a border (unless, of course, the head is fixed to the torso)

I’m interested in seeing how this pans out!


Epic! This is really great, this HAS TO BE MODDED IN!

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1: Ermmm like a crown shaped Vine?
i might try adding that if it looks okay

2: i don’t really want it to look 'fresh’
leafs might make it look a bit too New
but i’ll try adding them tio the model and judge

3:It has Two long vines on its back actually
might not show so well, but it’s there

4: It has chipped Edges, some are quite big
but i am gonna add some after the animation

5: Figured it’ll look a bit more nice if i just make them atrate and then rotate them.
it has 4fingers including the thumb with 3 joints each, but if it doesn’t looks so good after animating, i could add them


the core is just a core
the head is quite literally a head, though even if it wasn’t there, it’ll be moving fine
but it’s sight will be judged by the head rotation

the head does move, but not so much, kinda just a Light tilt is possible


thanks for the suggestions!

i’ll test them later if i remember them (witch is honestly not so often)


Oh, it will be modded in!

Any other creatures we can expect alongside it?


and this,

Dryad, Harpy
the tw are compleat
but the harpy is yet to be added (needs some testing)

the Golem is on work

and th is is the full list of planed Creatures

Will o the Wisp

some may not be added, but it’s the whole list


When you make the Minotaur, please add him in as a raider like a goblin. Also please make a Dragon, that would be so freaking epic.

Does a Minotaur Have a rider? (does it?)

I heard Dragons ware on the list for StoneHearth to be made, it might be something different from your expectations depending on what They make

Hmm… I see. Well, it’d be great to see some other factions in the game other than goblins (that after alpha 9 they can become even more your enemies/allies) that you could ally with to attack others or just be all of their enemies. So you know, if you ever feel like it… It would be uber epic to see some more badass mythical creature raiders busting up your towns & making your citizens cower in fear. Also Centaurs though… Awesome.

I’m sure there’ll be quite an amout of them after a few alphas

The Mythical Creaturs Mod is suppose to be a mod that senters on events and the Dryad (witch is pretty much the event giver)

But i do have a idea for two factions, and a few structures

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Great then, can’t wait to see 'em.

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