Golem (Concept art)

Hi there!
Symbol here!

Since the poll was quite… strongly wanting the golem

came to show you the concept art for the Golem i will be making!

The actual model will be squeezed to be a little bit more small (Keep it cute, right?)
and the actual model will be looking more… Old (Vines and bits fallen off and ect)

and there will be less carvings(?) so it’ll look
more cute


It’s … story(?) will be that it’s unclear when it was built, who was to build, how did he/she build it and how it moves to this time

it’s boddy is Chipped off and covered with vines(that will probably be animated)
making it clear that it’s been around for ‘quite a while’

seems to aggressively attack any thing/one that is a potential threat for the nature
(you get why i put that in)


Also, Since this model will be a big ‘Chunk’ of cubes

i can’t really make it with StoneVox3D
It’ll take way too long and i can’t compare it with a human model so well

I’ll be making it wen i get my hand on Qubicle

Until then!

Now with the modeling out of the way

you could actually expect some amount of drawing from me! (yay!)

Symbol Out!


Woohoo! Golem won! Good work @Hyrule_Symbol


That’s a fine looking golem. Although I’m typically more of a flesh, bone, iron golem type of guy… I’m really digging the art here. It looks like it fits.

Edit: btw I say keep the carvings. I feel it still fits the vibe without being overly cute.


That looks pretty sweet man go for it.

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i will keep the carvings, but i think it’s a bit too much of it, maybe it’s because it’s colored so dark, but we’ll see that

‘drool’ :heart_eyes: oh man, the amount of lore behind a detailed golem like this is unthinkable. What I wouldn’t give to be a part of its conception haha

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If you could somehow incorporate “Emeth” on it, that would be pretty slick.
BTW Nice work!

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Nice work~
It look like powerful mystic golem.

And I bring a different style golem. (Draw in 2008)

It is “Mabinogi” Online game’s golem, has very simple shape.

I wish your concept golem make by vox3D. :blush:

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that looks real nice, but probably a bit too big for that
but i will use it as a example i i need to!
thanks for showing me it!

[quote=“Goldmetal, post:8, topic:10132”]And I bring a different style golem. (Draw in 2008)
Personally I think golems should have a more artificial look - ie they should look like they’re manmade (or dwarf-made or w/e :stuck_out_tongue: ). To me, that looks more like an earth elemental.