Stone golem throwing stone golem

So just a quick suggestion. Sorry if it’s already been suggested.

Ranged attack for stone golems could be big golems throwing small golems (or doing bowling rolls if a medium sized golem is added). The small ones might turn into a solid stone (like a stone resource) when they are picked up and flying through the air and then after impact they pop back into golem form and keep attacking. Of course it would be cute and funny if they were animated while flying as well, with a few different animation or poses to choose from (swan dive, flapping arms, superman and so on), but I’m trying to keep it simple here… ok? I’m trying!

Gameplaywise I think it would give the golems an interesting tactic and be a nice alternative to fights with the more regular set of combat roles. They would have a very limited number of shots, but they would hit hard and be a way to get behind the enemy line to harass archers and healers.


Omg I love that. Throwing smaller golums! I’d love to see that in-game o.o


Cute idea. But before that, I would like to see the golems actually look like the loading screen concept art, rather than the chunky, teardrop shaped monsters we have now… though that’s certainly a long shot.

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It is a funny idea but it does not fit into my hmmm fantasy :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you mean this one then I think Tom mentioned in a stream (maybe just while brainstorming) that the titan version of stone golems would look like that. So they would be more evolved/humanoid the larger they are.



Ah! Well thank you!

only if my archers can deflect them by shooting tamed entlings! XD

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