New monster ideas

Personally I build large stone walls with no ways in or out to protect my hearthlings, so I would like an enemy that would try to either go around them by digging a mine so you would have to fight those then fill them in. Or a monster that would break down the walls ( catapult or ogre ).

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I think this is an excellent idea! It would make the game more challenging, and create opportunities for huge swarms of enemy’s flooding into the town (time for some great screenshots xD). With the hords flooding in, it could encourage more footmen to guard the town! Also, it could encourage fortifying your walls (maybe a new type of building material for fortification)

Thanks, it’s just too easy to build walls so I’ll just send my soldiers out and make it easier for the monsters to get in. And it’ll add another level of challenge and keep you on your toes.

Monsters that dig would cause some real problems until we have Geomancers and better Hearthling re-building-things AI.

I’d suggest monsters that Phase through walls instead.

  • Kamikrazy Goblin - runs at walls while his backpack is filled with bombs and the fuse is lit. Wears a red skull so you can distinguish him quickly.

  • Hammerhead Goblin - Wears a giant upside down cauldron on his head. Can’t see but goes running head first into walls. Takes him a few skull ringing attempts before he breaks a hole through.

  • Catapults - Goblins using stones to fire into the walls or fire from over the walls. Or, even worse, firing goblins over the walls.

  • Utility Goblins - Very forward thinking. Come with ropes and hooks to scale walls. Or just build ladders.

Those are awesome ideas but I think the players should also get some of those things.
Grenadiers- used to take out enemies in a large area Watch out for friendly fire
Ballistae- used to take out buildings far away from the city could use explosives for a special ability

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Duneworms - the desert version of a varanus, exclusive in the desert biome. no limbs and its walking animation is much like tunneling underground. much like the graboid in Tremors (1999)

Very nice idea, it would make the game more dynamic. Would be nice if there are different tiers of walls, like @SpagBolChomper SpagBolChomper already suggested.

Another mob-idea:

Spiders - Climb over walls. Also a threat to archers on the walls.