Ruthless mobs that DESTROY buildings/walls/fences/farms

I think and wish that there are mobs that can break buildings, I know there is the Ogre that breaks doors. Imagine if there were these ruthless mobs that would go around destroying your buildings. In groups of around 10. They wouldn’t have a lot of health but they would be really fast so it would be hard to catch them. They start showing up when your net-worth reaches 1500 or 2000.
I think that a lot of players would enjoy this because it would create more of a challenge. The only challenge currently if getting food. If you put up a fence nothing can get to you, that’s why i think it would be a good idea to create mobs that would destroy stuff you make.


P.S Love this game I think it just needs more of a challenge even hard mode if you put walls up your safe.


No… NOOOOO… NOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT A CREEPER AGAIN!!! Just kidding, but only if it’s easy repairable and only show up if you put a wall… I say that because it’s not so easy to repair something in the game, without problems, errors and such… and will not be the same thing that was before. That will only function if a entire structure like a house is destroyed and then you put another in place. If the building system get better than it is now that would be an excellent idea!

Yeah, no thanks. I already get that happening, honestly. Which is why I went back to Alpha 15. Less problems to deal with until it’s actually polished way more.

hey there @Luke1, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i believe the team has said that they want to make monsters that can destroy buildings, but aren’t sure they’ll be able to do it. for those who say they don’t want them because building is already such a pain, TR said that if/when monsters can destroy houses/blocks your hearthlings would auto-rebuild similar to how they do it with doors. so don’t worry, you wouldn’t need to manually replace every block :slight_smile:

but again, this is just what i believe to have been said, i could be wrong about it…


Heh, how about a stealth update with most mobs being able to climb over fences? No note or anything on them >.>

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Look up “BAstartergaming” on youtube and you will see that what he did nothing can get to him, not even a ogre because he doesnt have a door! (watch the most recent video)

I would really like that!

Maybe only in HARDMODE they could make a mob like that?!

Hey said they will include mobs who can somehow “ignore walls” my guess is flying enemies. So it will happen

Maybe make it so they just break things that are in their way?

I have a theory that the Ogres are just an alpha test of the door breaking mechanic. Once they’re satisfied, they’ll make it so most/all mobs can attack doors, and Ogres will be used to test destroying walls.

The door smashing Ogres will just become wall smashers. It would be a cool mechanic if they just mad a bee line to the middle of your town, smashing though every wall in their way. Each Ogre shaped hole they leave in a wall would allow other mobs to flow in.

Once the devs were happy with the wall destroying mechanic, they may introduce siege weapons that could do more building damage. This could make building materials matter more, where wood is weak compared to stone. It may also be a cool mechanic if wood could catch fire. So if you don’t put in stone or clay fire partitions between buildings a few fire arrows could burn the whole thing down.

they’ve said that flying enemies aren’t going to come in the release version at least – the game engine’s programming and pathfinding isn’t built for it. (From what I remember, they’d have to have much more flexible z-level pathing AI, among other things).

I could see flyers coming in an expansion down the road though.

Past that,

There’s a lurking issue here: there are a lot of structures that must be built in a specific order to work. For example, if you want to use “foundation” blocks as a ceiling in a mined cavern, you have to place them, mine out the area beneath them, then build; any other order won’t work, they either won’t place or won’t build or won’t mine.

Similarly, sometimes you have to build temporary structures around the base of a building in order to support the scaffolding necessary for the primary building to build correctly in that location.

For re-construction / repair to work, they’ll have to significantly improve the AI around building and scaffolding first, or it’ll just be a recipe for disaster.

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Yeah, by flying i meant less of any actual flying and more of some flapping to get over fences and walls. Thanks for setting it straight though. I still think wall-climbing or ladder building enemies would be realistic… and perhaps some that can dig (ok, that might just be fantasy).

I hope they don’t implement digging enemies until they implement the Geomancer and you can restore dug terrain, we have flowing water and water sources, etc. There are big differences between “natural” terrain and built structures and a monster making a dig in the wrong spot could irretrievably trash a fort.

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That WOULD be funny. Kind of. Probably the worst any enemy could do to you^^ and it would mess the players up who feel super safe in their caves…

Oh yup! Ideally they’ll put it in the game eventually, just after they’ve also put in ways to fix the problems it could cause.

In the meanwhile, earth elementals that could “phase” through ground or walls would be a decent alternative. Make 'em bright purple and rare or something.Would still be an issue though as to where they dropped their loot.

Phasing through walls, huh? I like that.