Mobs Can destroy building

Hello guys, I have an improovements idea for more challenge in stonehearth world.
Now, mobs such as ogre can destroy the gate to let their party to attack on town. but what if we won’t use gate as town protection? we can move villages to one side of mountain(up to 3 side), and cover your village with anorher building instead?
and… here we go! little cobolt ><

you can’t get in my village haha!

when we do this, mob will going to idle, like they have no target to attack.
i hope you DEV guys can make this game more interesting. have a good days!

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I’d actually prefer the goblins and kobolds using ladders (maybe have siege builders?) to climb over walls and natural obstacles. I think destroying buildings is little overkill…


even ogre can attack tunnel door but they will only attack when they close enough. when they fay away, they don’t even have any will to attack my villagers

hope that they can climb a walls


I’d love to see certain enemies be able to smash buildings - it could take some time, but it’d be an impressive threat. Maybe they’ll leave after they break something, so you can choose to either fight it off and save your real estate, or hide until it smashes a building and leaves.

Titan enemies will almost certainly be building-smashers, that’s for sure.

As for ladders - I could see a Goblin horde approaching, with a few goblins holding ladders overhead. They approach a wall, bang a ladder into shape, and climb up, laying a ladder to go back down if no other path exists off the top of the wall.


Your ladders and wall smashing giants shall pale in comparison to the mighty 2 square deep trench :sunglasses:


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