Walls are kinda op

I decided one day to make everybody in my save a farmer. One problem that arose was the fact that farmers do not make good fighters, so I built walls around my camp. Since then, nothing has been able to get in, and the soldier function is useless. I think that in order to give soldiers more of a function walls should have hitpoints and larger enemies, like stone golems or those tree things, should be able to knock them down. Another way walls could be slightly nerfed is if larger camps of goblins or other creatures were able to launch sieges that had ladders. This way, walls would still slow them down or stop many opponents, but soldiers would still be useful.


No worries there!

It won’t be for some time now, but Physical Destruction is planned for the game.

As well as large siege weapons and so on and so forth.

So, yeah, there you go!



Do you know where this has been said or if there is any more recent info on this? Would like to know more about this.

Think so, too, but moats are even more op, since they can be built quickly and without any resources, thus enabling you to secure a huge area within a day (or alternatively starting on an island or an enclosed space).

This is true, but only for larger mobs, as for the smaller mobs, ie: goblins, they will only be able to break doors and windows, fences ect ect

This will not happen. sorry

There is another factor to bring in, i know it has been talked about in streams by Tom, that goblins and other intelligent mobs would be able to use ladders too get over walls

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Well it’s honestly the same as you mentioned about Tom talking about enemies using ladders.

Whereas I haven’t heard anything about that, I have heard Tom talk about the use of siege weapons during streams.

But again, as for the final product of this game, anything’s possible, so we’ll see!



Well, this is a pretty bad answer… But as far as I can tell you, just head over to Twitch and watch an older stream.

It’s been a while since they talked about siege weapons, so I can’t tell you which stream it is, but… well… uh, it’s one of them. Haha, sorry for the bad answer.

Now, since I have a horrific memory, don’t quote me on this, but from what I remember, there may be a catapult… but again, take that with a huge grain of salt!

But! I think regardless, this should be an excellent question for next week’s stream(s)!

Oh, and if you’re not sure where they stream, here’s a link: