Some ideas that I have

Hello, guys.
Idk if one these ideas have been suggested, so, if one of them already was, sorry xD

*I know that have a lot of stuff will be just implemented in the future because have some thinks more important to do now.

Idk if it is possible, but I played a lot of “voxel games” (like minecraft, creativerse, trove, castle story and Portal Knights) and grass give some “life” to the game. More vegetation will be awesome for the game.

-Enemies destroying your things-
For exemple: I have make some walls to protect my village, and these walls have a gate ( if in the future have a gate, will be nice xD), my enemies dont have a way to steal my stuff, so or they try to destroy a part of my walls to get in, or they construct some stairs.

-More agressive Goblins-
All time when goblins invade my village, they only try to steal things and dont fight, but when they do, they run away after 1 hit. I think a horde of goblins trying to steal and kill will be nice for the game.

-Better way to mine-
Hearthilings dont mine above 4 height, so if you select to mine above 4, they could be able to make some “board” (i think that’s it), the same they do to construct the houses, for example.

-Enemy construct they own town-
In the future, I really want this. Like the goblins in they campfires and the undead in they graveyard, an evolved enemy construct they own town and collect they own resources.

Well, this is my ideas. Sorry about my english (it’s not my first language). When I have more, i’ll post here.



Hi @Tanrion may I be the first to welcome you to the discourse! I think all your suggestions have been mentioned besides “grasses” I personally concur with you, maybe i’ll try and bring it up in a stream.

About enemies destroying your things, how this feature will be developed is a source of a rather lengthy debate somewhere on the discourse. either way I think we can expect it.

Your english was fine, I was able to understand everything you wrote. Which is all that matters.

I hope this helped :smiley:


Plus one to grasses, would love to see “edges” to roads and house fondations with little strands of grass and so forth. Would really break up the very dull look that a lot of hard edges currently have!

there actually is a “tall grass” model,

my understanding is that it was really bad on performance, so it was never (publicly) put into use…

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Totally off topic but, welcome to the discourse