Mina's feedback pool

I will be making a list of various things such as suggestions, bugs, performance issues, and general feedback.
Sorry if this is a bad way to list these things but making individual posts is a bit of a hassle, and i’m too lazy to do all that, so for me it’s kind of this or nothing. >_<
Will update as i find more things to add. Hopefully i can help with ideas and stuff.

Things I Would Like To See:

I really want to be able to modify buildings after they are complete, like placing and removing windows and doors after the structure is built.
Saving buildings after they are built.
Deconstructing/breaking built items. Would like to be able to take buildings down and break blocks that i have built. Got a villager stuck before because he went into a spot where there was a “slab” locking him in.

Enemies and combat.
Would like to have maybe large enemy camps or hostile towns that will send enemies at you, instead of just totally random goblins or undead. Maybe even having hostile towns that will grow over time, sending stronger enemies, until you take them over.
Some feedback would be nice to show when an attack hits, gets blocked, or misses. Also it seems like the only notification for something taking damage is a flashing heart with 1/4 missing. I assume this means they are missing about 1/4 of their health, but it goes right from that to dead every time.

Issues And Stuff:

Crafters not taking materials out of crates.
Was using large crates to store items for my blacksmith and weaver to use, but they are having big trouble using them. Such as, I have 16 steel bars in storage but my blacksmith will only take out 3, so I can’t craft many things.

Villagers dropping and picking up items constantly.
All the time i see my workers dropping their items on the ground then picking them back up, and repeating over and over. Gets super duper annoying.

Villagers getting lost.
When telling my people to mine something far from town, they will get stuck there and not bring materials back to storage areas, or come back for food or to sleep unless i force them to by changing their class.

Workers leaving structures incomplete.
When building too close to a wall, they will usually build halfway up then just stop and forget about it.
Also if I do not have a door/window ready before they are done building, they will often just not put it in.

Items left on ladders.
Not sure how they keep getting there, but I keep finding items my workers were carrying being left halfway up ladders, and I cannot pick them back up.

Lighting dropping performance.
Not as bad as it used to be, but having lanterns on or a campfire going noticeably slows down the game.

Performance loss over time.
Seems like as I play longer and build more things, the game just keeps slowing down. Left my game open and paused on accident for an hour once, when I came back it took 15 seconds just to open the menu to save.

Overlapping Roads and other built things.
If you have a road already built, and try to build another that overlaps it at all, your villagers will build things there again, making it stack and cause visual issues. If a road is built across an existing one, the overlapping area will be super bright with the blocks clipping through each other.


Although I can’t really help you with any of the issues, I can give you feedback on the suggestions:

I’m not so sure about this one, seeing as hearthlings would have to make new holes in the building and replace old ones.

I hope for both of these. Although I’m pretty sure destroying buildings is planned, I haven’t heard of saving already-made buildings.

I’m pretty sure orcs are supposed to fit this boot, seeing as they are stronger and smarter than goblins, just as smart as your hearthlings, and lastly, larger than pretty much any other race.

Again, Orcs. Although it would be interesting if a “friendly” group settled near you, and a drought or some other natural catastrophe occurred, and said friendly’s had a power struggle with you for resources. Furthermore, you could develop a good/bad rep. with the town near you, and thus, the entire race.

If you look at the kickstarter video, you can see that originally, this actually happened. Words like “parry” and “block” would appear over fighters, as well as numbers indicating how much damage they’ve taken. I believe they got rid of this system for the sake of the words not blocking your view of the battle.

Personally, I’d prefer a vertically placed health bar, and it would scroll down slow/fast when taking damage.


to directy quote @sdee,

so there you have it, that is indeed planned :smile:

that reminded me think of this,

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