Great Job on A14 - Release 519 build so far!

Dear Team Radiant,

I know it probably seems like the Discussion board is a long laundry list of problems day after day (that’s our job to pester you about anyways haha) - so I thought I’d pop in and put down a nice “Job Well Done!” note instead.

I took the last couple of release builds in experimental off as I had played through a couple different towns that had some bugs and performance issues and I can usually tell I’m getting frustrated, time to put the fun toy away for a bit!

Fired up a new game last night with Rayya’s Children and Desert Biome (my favorite even if more limited right now!) …

And, Wow! What a difference!

The game seems to run much smoother right out of the gate. Granted I have not gotten to the dreaded 20+ days and 20+ hearthlings size where I usually start seeing hitching, slowing down, and hearthlings acting funny yet but I can already tell there’s been some performance tweaks behind the curtain - it just feels better for some reason.

I also appreciate your changes to the Footman group UI - thank you! I am one of those that gave extensive feedback on the flags / banners and frustrations I had with multiple ones and footmen getting confused, etc. etc. - and so far all of that seems to be fixed as well as the ability to ‘cancel’ a banner order. This is really a step in the right direction in order for players to be able to successfully manage the frequent attacks on their town. Thank you so much!

I’m going to work at my new town slowly this time, try to stay very organized with my stockpiles and only use default blueprints, nothing fancy or custom and let the town grown slowly and organically instead of trying to rush as many hearthlings as possible at first. I think this will give the game time to keep up and me time to better organize as usually my games are a mess of stockpiles everywhere and me constantly micromanaging moving them about and organizing chests, etc. This time I’m ignoring most of that and focusing on giving mining orders to clear out a canyon wall for the workers and focusing on simple building and advancing professions at a normal pace.

So far so good with only some minor glitches noted thus far. I’ll check back in of course with updates.

Great job Radiant, keep up the hard work you’re pouring into this game! <3


Yes this last release…it’s really beautifull :wink:
Even they’re some problem well it’s getting a nice way so next Alpha 15 with all bugs/fixes,AI tweak,etc…It’s gonna be : GOOD !


Reminds me of my comparison to A13.

yeah A14 did quite well. I mean I hit 15, and not really a single drop like before. Before there was minor noticeable lag. and 17 is what killed it almost.

However in A14 I am happy with the “18” that I have now, with no problems. And technically my computer would be on the lower end too. Glad to see all the improvements, and the new things, so as always; keep up the great work yall do. This means to all devs, modders, and the lovely community out there. :slight_smile: