(Build 114) Feedback

Wow, this one is beautiful. Just got to say you did a great job Team Radiant!

Really a great next step.

What I like:
Few errors
Goblins actually make me worried I might lose a villager in the early game.
Great new things in the game, units, items, etc…
Never felt like I needed to save not to lose my game (HUGE improvement!!!).

Things I don’t like:
Right click and WASD at the same time kills scroll speed.
Pathfinder seems to have limited range (The initial lighted space is too large to cross).
Guards fall asleep next to goblin (within three voxels).
Still don’t seem to be able to COMPLETE a building - always something they never finish (windows right no even though I have plenty crafted).
Always maintain X items does not work…

I just want to keep saying how cool this build it, how smooth, and playable!!! So awesome.

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