Impressions of Alpha 4 Release 118

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Why hello! Time for another impressions compilation topic. Sorry I’m late this time—I was at my parents’ place at the time of release and the computer there really isn’t up to scratch.





Well, very few game-breaking problems remaining, I’d say, if any. At least that I’ve seen. The only one is the last one listed under old bugs. I think the time for a full-fledged release of Alpha 4 may be near, if my experience with the game yesterday was any indication.

I really appreciate the stockpiles being harder to select, the pets being fixed, and the addition of the new item types in particular.

I’ll take this opportunity to say that I do not like the plush rabbit requiring a rabbit pelt to make. At the risk of again sounding like the wuss I was already said to be when I mentioned this before during the last livestream, this will keep me from making these (which is sad as it was my own original idea). It just kind of counters the friendly, pleasant nature a plush toy should have. Nor does it entirely make sense, to me, since a plush animal isn’t made out of the actual animal in real life, either. It seems rather like it was done just to give the pelts an actual purpose, which it didn’t have too many of at the time.

Also, the colored square icons in the debugging tool in the bottom right have a way of slightly widening and narrowing. About as minor as minor goes, but it was just something I noticed.

Most actual bugs I found this time seem to involve citizens getting stuck in various ways. Sometimes permanently, sometimes temporarily; sometimes with clear workarounds, sometimes less so. It’s a bit difficult to say which of these bugs may be related, but I’ve attempted to cover that in the details of the actual topics.

That aside, I don’t have much to say. I’m looking forward to seeing the last few bugs fixed and then perhaps seeing a renewed focus on adding content to the game, perhaps starting on Alpha 5? Up to the devs, of course, it just seems like it could happen again soon, to me.

The one thing that is still game-breaking, as mentioned above, is the one with the frozen, immortal goblins, and the one with the head bug, whether they are related or not.


No it doesn’t, IT’S SO FLUFFY! (I have a rabbit pelt, and it’s one of the softest things I’ve felt. I think it makes a wonderful plushie.)


plushie weakness aside ( :wink: ), I really appreciate these impression/bug compilation threads you put together…

thanks and well done! :+1:


@naturalnuke, well, I suppose it may be more subjective than I made that out to be.

@SteveAdamo, thanks!

I would compliment you for crafting this wonderfully organized bug report/review, but I guess you don’t really have a choice in the matter anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh be nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work as usual!

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I thought for a second you were referring to my title, i.e. as a machine, it’s just what I was programmed to do! Interestingly enough, as you might expect, in truth, I still believe that as a machine, it’s just what I was programmed to do—just in a slightly more vague sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks @Dwalus and @Silas.

Very nice bugreport/review , might I suggest adding a “gripes” section to the next one?

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To stand opposite the praise, for things like pelty plushies and the like! Good idea.