Impressions of Alpha 4 Release 110

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Hello everyponybody!

What with the new release that came out yesterday, I decided to make a gameplay video that doubles as a showcase of some of the bugs and problems that may still be in (I figured this would make the “steps to reproduce” thing easier/clearer), and also any suggestions I may have to make the game even better and more playable. This post will give my impressions on the basis of this video, with timestamps referencing to moments in the video that illustrate what I’m talking about (EDIT: actually, the timestamps are mostly in the linked other topics). Basically, it will be a list of bugs and suggestions I posted earlier, as well as some overall impressions (brief and very positive) at the end.

Here’s the video:





Well, obviously I still managed to find a lot of bugs and make a lot of suggestions, but that should never imply that I’m not very happy with the new release. The bugs, while plentiful, on the whole seem much less severe and less game-breaking than some of the ones in the last release, and the game crashes or breaks on me much, much less. While I love me some new gameplay, I was actually more excited for bug fixes recently, so this release definitely pleases me a lot in that regard. I’m now excited about new gameplay again, though—all but a few of these bugs in my opinion are low priority, so perhaps it will be possible to see a focus on that again shortly. Just guessing, mind you, it’s all up to the developers of course.

The bottom line is that I think that presently, I will be able to play until I’m done with the gameplay, rather than until I’m done with the instability, which is a highly preferable situation. Thank you very much, developers. Go team!


ok, honestly @Phagocytosis, you have gone incredibly above and beyond here… not only with your extreme bug reporting, but then this compilation thread … kudos to you my good man!

absolutely deserving of +20 internet points… :smile: :+1:


Well, the threads themselves were the bulk of the work, really. This compilation thread was comparatively very simple to do. But I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten 20 internet points, so I’ll take it! :slight_smile:

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paging @swiftcube

+20 points for Hufflepuff @Phagocytosis

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Indeed, this is extremely good work and helps us a lot! Thanks!


Well, I have to say you have really outdone yourself. With the constant spewing of Active Bug Reports, as well as this. I have to say, good job.

Shame on you, @SteveAdamo! You should’ve been more fair and given poor @Phagocytosis 1K Points!

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The Bugs be all like “We are legion, for we are many!”

I’m probably gonna have to hold off on playing this release. I’ve put seven hours into this version and I have yet to construct a building before something goes wrong. Between menu’s not closing, and the innumerable amount of problems pertaining to buildings (My most recent one being my villagers getting stuck in the building with no way out).

I’ve also come to notice that the villagers are really… Dumb. I’m talkin’ brain dead. For example, I gave my villager Kaven an order to equip a Sword, it took him about 10 minutes to actually go over and get said sword. A Goblin raid had long since been stopped before he finally got around to equipping it.

And there refusal to put in doodads into buildings (Which was the cause of said villagers getting stuck in a building, they wouldn’t remove the scaffolding they needed to put in the doodads, which they wouldn’t put in anywho).

Seems Team Radiant still has plenty of work to do in the bug smashing department.

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