Impressions of Alpha 9 Release 210

20 releases prior - Next release

Hello! Once again, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these threads. Same as before, I’ve been so busy, and these releases have been so frequent (which I’m not complaining about though! Love it) that I haven’t been able to keep up.






He’s back! Good to see your bug hunting skills in action again. :slight_smile:


i got the up date from steam and it runs great compared to 4 days ago. i have no lag and i have yet to see one error sign. my peeps don’t go veggie on me, as of yet; i say this because it crashes before i can even get 3 new peeps i would say in maybe 30min i have to pause because of kids. but keep up the great work loving it!! oh and is saw some flying trees.

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I noticed that when the game crashes it makes my computer stop working from a few mins too five mins. Also the first time i down loaded the game it was from humble and it was alpha 8 (earlier alphas didn’t work on my computer). So from humble it was a strait down load full game, steam is different i think you play with there system (kind of online). Is there a way to play it just on my computer with out turning steam on. this is so i can see if this is casing my issue.

I don’t know if it’s just a matter of luck, my system specs, or the fact that my builds are puny as compared to some of the experts here… but I have had no performance/stability issues for ages:+1:


Same here. Very little issues since about alpha 7. Unless i have like 25 villagers and pretty big town. Even then, it’s playable.

And i’m playing on a 4 year old laptop.

Are you using steam? I am crashing in 2-3 days with the new updates I got on Monday from steam. Now when i had alpha 8 from humble i had lots of error windows and it was glitchy. But i could play um 12-15 people before it would crash. What I’m thinking the issue is that steam didn’t load the hole game on my computer just enough and a shortcut but i have to be connected to the internet and steam to play the game. I would like to play the latest version stand alone on my computer and see what happens any ideas please. :angry:

But if they just updated humble i could re-download it and have my answer there. :smile:

Yup, been using steam since alpha 3.

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likewise… actually, steam since A1… :smile: :+1:

I feel like that should be on a t-shirt… :wink:

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poo. :worried: man it crashes on day three like clock work. i tried having my peeps be all lazy and just farm and stuff that was not a strain on the game but it still died.

does any one know how i can update my alpha 8 that i have down loaded on my computer. I know they have the files on their web site some were, but i don’t know which file would go in what folder or if i would have to delete an old one. it makes my head spin :confounded:

I am a bit confused, if A9 (210) has released, why does Steam only update to A8 (205)? Kinda want to play around with the new stuff/bugs.

these are impressions of the “development builds” for the upcoming Alpha 9 release… the stable build for A9 isn’t out quite yet…


i tried 32 bit rather than 64 bit but it didn’t help it still crashed.
what i find to be the funniest thing is that the game runs great!!! No choppy panning, no sudden jump panning, i don’t see through the ground. I also have yet to see one error window, one lobotomized Hearthling and many more little things that got taken care of in a month. :smiley:

I just makes me sad that i cant enjoy it for longer than 3 short days (about 30min). Plus it kinda seems I’m the only one having this issue. :sob:

@GreenDragon Crash bugs have been reported elsewhere (see the last item of the bugs in the original post in this thread, among other places). You might want to go over there and share your findings about it. You’re not the only one, although I don’t think the others reported it happening so predictably, always on the third day.