Impressions of Alpha 4 Release 122

Previous release - 12 releases hence

Hello again! I was late with my report for last release, so this one shows up in pretty quick succession with it (is that proper English?). Hopefully it will be of more help than my last one, that one having been so close to a new release already. Some of the issues in that one may still be relevant, at least.

Anyway, here are the videos I have for R122 so far:





there really is no excuse for your tardiness… however, your extreme awesomeness far outweighs this oversight… so, all if forgiven! :smile:

you really do deserve an improved title as well… hmm


The reason was that I went to visit family and there was no good computer for testing, but clearly that just means my priorities are very messed up.

While I would be happy with any (improved) title, I’m very pleased with the one I have already, so it’s not really necessary :slight_smile:


So a few things I noticed - and sorry if this is posted elsewhere but I did look.

Doesn’t seem like there is a way to give armor to someone.
Doesn’t seem like I can remove doors or walls for that matter once they have been built.
Fence items don’t seem to go to a stockpile - they just drop them on the ground.

Again sorry - I looked all over on how to give armor to someone or to see if the soldier would just pick it up and he didn’t. It seems like it might not be in the game yet as the crafter just dropped it on the ground after it was made

[quote=“Sabatour, post:4, topic:7109”]
Doesn’t seem like there is a way to give armor to someone.
[/quote] Your footmen shod come and get the armor.

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That’s true, although I did not notice my footmen coming to pick up the armor I made yet either. Do you need to give them cloth armor before they can get leather armor, maybe?

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No, well my guys would get leather stuff . . . . odd

Maybe they were going to go for it a bit later or something. It hadn’t been made that long when I stopped playing.

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For me it could have been a stockpile issue - I thought I had one set for that class of stuff but maybe not. Will test in my new game.

Great work so far guys!

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Well, I had one stockpile with only resources, and one with everything else, so if they’re stored in a stockpile under anything (unlike fences at the moment, from what I’ve heard?), they would be stored somewhere. Anyway, let us know your findings once you’ve tested it :slight_smile:

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It seems to be a bug, but if you make another zone after you have crafted the padded armor, usually someone will pick it up and place it in the new zone. And then a footman will run to some random point and then towards the stockpile and pick up the armor.

Hmmm… is it just me, or is the zigzaggy movement of settlers when moving in a direction other than horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (in the two flat ground dimentions, obviously) no more?

Seen for example in this older video at ±7:26.

I noticed in this recent video looking at the trapper at ±28:51.

I do remember there was a mention of this being taken out at some point, sometime.

In one of the recent videos on the main site, as I recall.

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I think you’re correct! Let me check them quickly. They’re fun to watch, anyway.

Yes! 1:38

I’ve found the stockpile issue on a few of the items. In essence, if a stockpile has been changed in any way (even if I manually select it to hold everything again), my workers wont place certain items there and they never register as a commodity usable by the “community”. All sets of armor do this, including the upgraded worker outfit, as well as the wooden fence (which I cannot seem to place anymore).

The work around is just placing a small stockpile, and never change the settings.

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I see! Yes, that would explain it. I guess that means those types of items just are not grouped under any of the categories shown in the stockpile settings, and everything is removed when you click “none”, but these ‘hidden’ ones aren’t added back when you select “all”.

By the way, the fences have been disabled (as in, you can’t place them) while the team figures out a solution to the hovering-when-placed-adjacent-to-each-other issue. They also don’t seem to be recognized for trading purposes and such.

Yep, that was my assumption on the fences as well, I’ve just done a poor job keeping up with all the patch notes, etc.

I reached the same conclusion as you on the “none category” items. Either the clothing has not been appropriately linked to the select-able category on stockpiles - or the selection is disconnected itself. Either way, the “all” option does seem to operate as a catch all for now.

I personally tend to keep these small to limit their use, and once I’m not making clothing, I delete them to to keep my town orderly.

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As a bit of due dilligence, I pulled up a recent save of mine just to test something.

  1. Created a new stockpile - set settings to only hold light and heavy armor.
  2. Created a new padded vest from scratch. (armor was left on the ground)
  3. Set settings to ALL on the new stockpile. (armor was not moved)
  4. Set settings to NONE then back to ALL. (armor was not moved)
  5. Created a new stockpile and changed nothing. (armor was immediately moved to new stockpile)
  6. In this particular save, I had hidden an old padded vest and picket fence away from my town via creating and removing a stockpile a distance away (didnt want clutter in my town!). These were also brought to the new stockpile I had just created.
  7. Crafted from scratch a thick leather vest. (armor was immediately moved to new stockpile)
  8. Changed setting on stockpile to remove MEATS from store-able items.
  9. Created new stockpile w/ no changed settings. (3 sets of armor and picket fence were immediately moved to new stockpile)

Note that during this time I had 3 idle workers.

So it is not just simply that the ALL option is allowing the armor to be placed, but something about an “unaltered” new stockpile is different than me manually selecting the ALL option after a change has been made.


Same thing with me so what i do is just make a Stockpile over the armor and then delete it after they come and get it lol

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Very interesting, and not what I would have expected. Good job with the experimentation!

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