Bug List Alpha 4, Release 0.1.0, Build 134

Bug list for the most recent release - please comment below with details about bugs you’ve encountered to add to this list. :slight_smile:

  • Building - Doodad Placement
    Placing down doodads (usually windows) can be a bit buggy, I’m finding that most of the time I want to place a window on the building, it glitches and can sometimes place it in the bottom corner of the wall, half on the wooden pillar (where it shouldn’t go) - Luckily can be fixed by undo button, and seems like mouse is used to place the top edge of the window instead of the center point.


  • Building - Floor Editing
    Seemingly switching between placing and removing floors causes a few bugs, such as the tool not selecting, or disabling soon after clicking, and placing “ghost” blocks as the mouse drags along the ground. I’ve noticed this can be solved temporarily by Double Clicking on the tool you want to use.

  • Building - Roof Editing
    Editing the roof slows the game down quite a lot. It can take a large variety of times to make changes on the roof such as slope direction, height change and material. Potentially causes the game to slow down as well, but needs to be checked more thoroughly.

  • Building - Layered Walls
    Clicking the wall button on your building multiple times can cause the house to place multiple walls. This occurred when the game ran slowly while planning walls around it, and clicking the wall button multiple times. May have potentially been the cause of lag in Roof Editing bug.


  • Building - Roof Undoing
    Using the Undo button to try and remove a roof causes a few of the diagonal blocks to stay behind. Changing roof slope direction while this was in effect also bought up some errors. Will check if the diagonal blocks are built or not.


  • Harvesting - Berry collection while building
    While building the house, I asked my workers to go harvest some berry bushes, suddenly got hit by this:


Not exactly sure what caused it, hopefully that helps. Also caused game to lag crazily. Noticed in background behind window, worker was repeatedly hitting the same spot for no apparent reason.

  • Progress - Sunrise Errors
    On the dawn of Day 5, I got a small window showing this:


Not sure what caused it, but hopefully this picture helps. Seems like random sunrises can cause this, multiple cases reported.

  • System - 4th Save
    Interestingly enough, after my 4th save file, it corrupted. My 3rd save file still loaded, but the 4th refused to load. May need confirming?

  • Stockpiles - Sorting Issues
    Items seem to have interesting reactions when the categories on a stockpile are changed. Sometimes items are completely ignored even though they seem to be the right kind of item.
    Link to reference post

  • Doodads - Rearrangement
    Sometimes workers will take items placed on houses and put them on other houses.
    Link to reference post

  • Crafting - Full queues
    When trying to empty a full queue, may cause a bug that doesn’t remove the item on first try, which causes an error window after removing it a second time.
    Link to reference post

  • Building - Moving items during build
    Attempting to move items by clicking on them while the design window is up will cause an error. Also causes the UI bug to occur.
    Link to reference post

  • Building - Scaffolding on built buildings
    When loading a save file with a block of wood on top of a completed building, workers rebuild scaffolding to get the block, but trap anyone inside. This is how it is to my understanding
    Link to reference post

  • Promoting - Endless promotion
    When the farmers hoe was caught on top of the Carpenter’s Workstation, the worker was unable to register the item being there. After moving the Workstation, he worker went in an infinity loop of promoting.
    Link to reference post

  • List item


Nice little collection there :slight_smile: . Don’t forget you can click the lines of text in the red error windows to bring up more detailed / specific grey error windows - so if you get another …\env.luac:3 error for example, click it & see what all the fuss was/is about :slight_smile: .

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Well I’ll try to give these errors a go in the next stream, yesterday’s stream was a bit messy. The game litterally kept force-closing…

I found this release much more stable than the last few, possibly the most stable I’ve ever played

maybe a bug, maybe a feature

i am building a house with an incircled backyard, since the inner walls are build and they start to build the roof the game is quite slow

also maybe someone could so something against the scaffold blocking every door, cause with scaffolding

they just dont want to go inside my building house

first of all, love the design! :smile:

i believe this issue has been raised, as someone else was attempting to construct this sort of courtyard design… the suggestion from @Tom at the time was to build ladders for your units, and that they would climb out from the inner portion…

but in practice, i dont think this worked out…

Once the roof comes into play, the ladders stop taking effect :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: continuing my hunt for bugs now :slight_smile: Will see what else I can turn over, but this is a great build :smiley:

well it does sometimes better sometimes worse, now after placing a door one of my workers seem to be stuck between door and scaffold^^

it seems she had found a way out that door - good for her i guess
thank you for that ladder-reminder, came up with that my own but still thx

looking good so far

Workers and other citiziens should run towards the flag while they are hunted by enemys - shouldnt be that hard to program i guess

beds cant placed next to each other while there is someone in the allready build bed, if they are planned and one is build and occupied, the next build bed will be lifted and is no longer reachable

what about a clean-up-task to priorize restocking over building?

red alert seems to stop tasks for ever if the townie with the item which should have been planted is/was on top of the ladder

well first error this verison

first ever created highbed - maybe

so far for the outside area of the building

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Looks fantastic :smiley: I can’t wait to see it furnished and all :slight_smile:

It might be convenient if the scaffolding was not considered as a barrier by the villagers, it would still look realistic (they have big holes) and then villagers would not get stuck inside houses in construction.

A bug screen occured as I was placing an item inside my carpenter’s house and the sun rised at the same time (I had the item selected from the build and design green arrow when I heard the rooster). I don’t know if both events matter for the bug.

Worker ignoring an upgraded outfit

It might be because of my stocking zone settings, but armor is selected though… so I don’t know…

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Another sunrise bug. This time I still had the stockpile settings window displayed.

liked it so far quite a lot but we definitely need some sort of clean-up-job or the pathfinding got caught in my house

Where is my 2nd door gone??? Did the goblin steal it ? Was it used to build my second house ?

yes, for whatever reason, the outfits didnt get added to any stockpile, which means they wont be picked up/equipped by the units…

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This happened to me as well. The workers jacked a window from one house to build it into another. But that was in 129

A pathfinding related bug screen

Bug with the placing of tools inside stocking piles, consequence: quest failed

I had a Fur Rug in last position in my crafting queue. I decided to erase it from the queue because I wanted to craft 5 instead of 1. After I dragged the icon on the trash, the Fur Rug icon was still in queue. So I dragged it again on the trash, this time it disappeared from the queue but I got a bug window (upper-right corner of the screen).

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