Bugs I came across so far [0.11.0 Build 2494]

Hi there guys; good evening, morning or whatever Time you now have,

it’s my first post here and also in big danger to be removed. If my quick research on a similar topic was to quick I’m sorry.
But here are some Bugs i came across by playing the last days with the new/latest Build. I also took some Screenis of the Error messages, till they got to many. Unfortunatly not of the Situation, but they where as far as I can tell reproduceable.
First of all.
Problems with Multistory
I always build my multistory buildings with a direct connection inside the walls, for my hearthlings to pass by, as many others I would say and this ain’t a problem - for the floor and the first level. But the moment i got to the third/fourth/whatsoever level, the game suddenly became unplayable laggy. Just like: Every 10sec’s there’s a move. That occur while building, not planning. And also only last till the, let’s say, roof is finished. When I “ib” the building it’s fine again.
And also many Multilevel Buildings ain’t buildable after planning. Especially when using some sort of balcony or a rooftop which’s only held by collumn. Which brings to another point here: Columns (like greece architecture…in a way :smiley: ) I tried to built a nice looking town hall for all the writing stuff of my heartlings. But they refused to built the columns around…well i think that was the reason why they don’t even start building. The colums where planned to be 2 levels high and hold either a balcony, or a self made roof. None of them work.
What leads me to my next point:
Problems with roofs
The autoroof tool is awesome. And make some really good looking roofs. Props to the devs for that (I startet with stonehearth with release 10, so I don’t have a clue how it was before)
But on Multistory buildings the rooftool won’t work (at least for me not) and thats…well…ok, i have to bult the roofs manually with slabs and bricks but…i guess you get the point here :smiley: and also on nearly round buildings the rooftool won’t work.

Also everytime i built multystory buildings the following occur: the walls of the second/third… floor got built double…doors or windows show up glitchy…and…well…ugly. when i destroy the wall via console, it seems like the second “phantom wall” is away…sometimes the doors/windows are then shown normal, sometimes not. the difference is pretty obvious, cause the phantom wall is much brighter than the planned one. Annoying i can tell :slight_smile: this also occurs sometimes on the base level, but, as said, always on second or third level.
Also the known Bug that my hearthlings won’t do anything occur pretty often. Also i personally keep them going with pausing the game via escape, wait till the process monitor in the right corner show up mostly green…that reset somehow my hearthlings and they work again (not just for 10 sec’s…till they work is finished…idk, i have no clue on programming or so but here’s what I guess: my pc just can’t calculate the tasks for my heartlings and need time to do so…idk :D)

Well that’s it for the moment. I know some sort of screenshots would be nice, i will deliver them maybe tomorrow…or today? goosh, the time zones are confusing for me, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning here, and i have no idea if you are further or slower than me…i will deliver them if requested.

But all in all: a wonderfull game! Exactly what i was looking for. I really enjoy playing and looking forward for next alpha releases, beta and final release. Keep up the good work! To the devs and the modders :wink:

Greetings from bavaria.


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Hi @MarkusWindson , welcome to the forum! :smile:

We’re not that evil :hushed:
We wouldn’t remove a thread without reason. We’re grateful for all the bug reports and the feedback that the players provide.

It’s true that we prefer separate bug reports instead of a list, but we wouldn’t remove a list in any case…
I know that newcomers prefer to report all the issues that they’ve found on the same post, in part because they don’t know that we usually make a report for each bug, so don’t worry about this one.

Thanks for the feedback!

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