Bugs found in 1 hour of playing

Let me say that i am using the stable branch, so some of these may have been solved already in the beta. Also other topics may have addressed these already. However, in the hour of playing i did today (about 5 in game days) I couldn’t complete 2 buildings due to these bugs, and just want to voice them.

-First, the building vision doesn’t work when placing buildings. i cant look inside or take the roof off of buildings before i place them.

-Next, the building templates need work (i will explain later).

-Hearthlings only build one block per swing of their hammer, compared to the three they used to build. this also corresponds with the super slow building.

-I swear they lowered the drop rate of all ore, stone, and clay when mining.

-Hearthlings still talk too much for my liking. it slowed the crafting and building down to a crawl.

-Now the workshop blueprints and building sorting its self. Currently it is just a big mashup of all the blueprints in one tab. It is completely unorganized and is only made worse with the dozens of blueprints subscribed to. Two things that would help would be a delete button for single blueprints, and a “filing” or “categorizing” system. The first would help with getting rid of the unwanted blueprints when you only want one in the pack of 12. the latter would obviously help with organizing and sorting said blueprints.

I hope someone at Radiant sees this and either has fixed it, or can relay it on for one of the next updates. Also, if anyone reading this has any ideas to fix it, the they would be greatly appreciated.


Hearthlings only build one block per swing of their hammer, compared to the three they used to build. this also corresponds with the super slow building.

This is a surprise to me. @jamiltron did we do something here recently?

We experimented with a filing system, and instead went for a search system, where you can narrow down the results pretty quickly by typing in the search bar. This should make it into stable soon.


Thanks for the reply, i really wanted to try out the geomacer, but these bugs and the speed the game runs made it hard to keep playing for that hour.

I honestly thought this was intentional after the initial release of the new builder :thinking:

This shouldn’t have changed. I haven’t noticed a difference myself, but I will double check. If you want more stone/clay drops though, make sure you pick the corresponding tier 1 benefit when leveling your town : ).

There should be a delete button for individual templates (looks like a trashcan at the bottom right of each template), though its possible that some templates are not removable for some reason (one of the engineers will know better). As for filing or categorizing - there is the simple a-z/z-a sorter at the top, and there is the search bar which is the more powerful part. You can do a search for the mod or for the name of the building or whatever to find stuff easier. Its not a filing system, but it still lets you get around reasonably well.

You can’t delete vanilla templates nor templates from a mod that’s not yours (a mod that you subscribed to). Those won’t have the trash can icon.

There’s always the option of speeding the game up, even to triple speed if you enable it through the settings.

On the topic of workshop templates, if i subscribe to a “pack” of multiple buildings, but then delete some of them through the in game file system, will they re-download with the next mod update. Also if i unsubscribe from the buildings, will they delete themselves or will they just not update.

I see lots of these packs of buildings on the workshop and there some quite nice buildings in them. however, i dont need multiple taverns, or inns, or other buildings like that. it would be nice to download the pack, then delete the unwanted ones and be done with it. It would be even better to delete workshop blueprints from in game, but any way to get rid of them works.

Since im here writing to myself, i would like to say that buildings started getting built with three blocks again since 1.0, good. However, the performance has slow to a crawl. I have 10 or 12 people, 4 buildings and a small wall built, and am averaging 10-15 FPS. now my system isnt great, but it can run the division and fallout 4 at 30 to 40 FPS. The settings in Stonehearth are all at the lowest they can be, i have checked that. I remember having good cites, with over 30 people in earlier alphas, and have good memory’s of this game, but in its current state i find it hard to enjoy myself in it. This, and the lack of organisation in the blueprints is making the game unplayable(spent 5 minutes looking in the “A-Z sorter” for my gate, only to not find it and have to look through them all). I hope this speeds up and the templates get fixed, or il have to put it in the “uninstall folder”.

Building template packs are just steam workshop mods, and we don’t special case the building template mods, Steam will just update any mods that it deems not up-to-date. You could move the templates you want into your main building templates folder and then unsubscribe from the mod if there are only a select few you want to download.

Sorry to hear that your game is lagging so badly. We’ll continue to work on some performance improvements over the next few months