Small things that need attention

In this topic I’m bringing to the spotlight a few minor issues I’ve been having with Stonehearth Alpha 24.8.1. The goal of this post is to help improve the game by giving Team Radiant feedback about our gameplay experiences, and in any kind of way this is ment to harm someone.

1. Fix this pattern, please. I miss “Two Punga, Two Tobacco Brown, Two Punga”.

2. Showing arrow keys while placing an item in the New Builder would be perfect.

3. Sometimes items with higher appeal than its normal counterparts are not considered the same object, causing problems like a building “needing” another bed because one of them was perfect.

4. Naming buildings. Please.

5. Switching between floors outside the New Builder Tool.

6. Make “Autoqueue crafting for building” relevant again. Disabling it doesn’t change anything.

7. Hearthlings should mine ‘Mine 1’ and ‘Mine 2’ in this order, because ‘Mine 2’ is unacessible unless you mine ‘Mine 1’ first. Well, now they simply forget about ‘Mine 2’ because they “can’t reach it”.

8. While building, hearthlings drop items to pick up second after a lot. Is it hard to make so they don’t do it that often?

Left upper corner of your screen while building, delete the number, type name, hit enter, hit save template

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The name changes back to a number when you click “Build”

First you need to hit enter to make the text change be applied.


My experiences in MP with others (me as host)

  • hearthlings will walk across the map just to use another players work-bench (example - Hearbalist - Owner = @Spell_Blade - inventory = stocked with enough materials to make mealth potion - result = her Hearbalist would come to mine just to use my workbench and my materials… to walk all the way back to her’s (even though she also has a workbench) - Still hapening after MP was pushed to Latest

  • AI refuses to work in certain weather (rain or snow will slow down their logic until it stops - fix - could you guys (or some modder) please add a script which will remove weather/particle effects please? (not just when i am host)

  • Hearthlings getting stuck on roofs (again!) thought this was fixed some time ago?

  • Some people prefer old builder, some the New one - result = if you use diff build modes in same game… we get a lot of build/lua … Unknown C++ errors


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It wasn’t a health potion, it was a cleric tome… and I had all the mats in my stockpiles, but my herbalist trekked all the way over to steal a flower from @Unreal_Gam3er’s stockpile and use that nearby workstation to make it.

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do you know what example means :stuck_out_tongue: but same thing (lol) I <3 U too @Spell_Blade:P

I set that guy to promote as soon as that tome was made… Didn’t bother until almost 3/4th of the way back to my outpost.

Thanks. We’ll take a look.

This might be a fluke. While some weathers like sandstorms have performance impact, rain is a purely client-side effect and does not do anything on the server.

It should be fixed in the new builder, but can still happen on the old one and in other situations (mining, etc.).

The old builder isn’t really supported anymore. We’ll keep it around until we’ve worked out the bugs in the new one, but it will be going away soon.

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yes this was the issue, one of my players was using the old building, and thank you for the others @max99x