Alpha 24.5.1 now on steam unstable

Hotfix for A24.5 This small hotfix release addresses a few particularly severe errors: Fixed an AI bug that caused the “Thinking flag unset while restarting thinking.” error. Fixed fixtures (lamps, planters, etc) falling off walls on reload. Fixed a UI error when closing the crafting workshop UI. Game on! Team Stonehearth


Definitely noticed the lack of errors now! Although now the hearthlings seem more content to stand idle. Also, workers will go and pick up three or four items to be put away only to drop them halfway to go do something else or, my favorite, stand idle.

I noticed this only happens once the population hits between 20-25. Removing the priority storage seemed to help this but as the population grew more it got worse.

We’re painfully aware of the performance issues, especially with restocking in larger towns. We are currently working on some optimizations to make this a little better.


That was fast - thanks for the response! Well in the meantime then I’ll see how I can break the new builder. :smiling_imp:

Ah i was wondering why i was advertising to the mole-people, well done!

on a slighlty unrelated note to molepeople:

Currently, the builder doesnt like it when you design your houses with stuff in it (doors, windows, beds etc.) it slows the whole proces down a LOT, even on small buildings.) and also leads to some gameplay “discrepancies” for instance: once built, you cant actually remove windows and replace them with other, same sized, windows. or doors with better same sized doors. while, if you use the new cut tool and leave space from them, and only place them after yourself, you A: can replace/remove etc. them. and B: its actually faster this way, including the time it takes you to plomp them down into the home-sized shell.

have the builder completely disregard items untill its done with the blocks, and then have it hand over the “details” of where all the items you made go to the “player putting things down/moving them” system.

hearthlings already know how to make ladders and things to get up to windows, and now scafolding wont be in the way. also, usualy the people putting things down are also the ones building the blocks so now they wont have to divide their attention (you will have a house-looking thing way faster this way, and it should also help with performance: you wont have mid-build changes in where you can or can not walk, so it should smoothe out the calculation spikes). if buildings have roads connected, this will speed up the “finishing touches” done by the heartlings delivering things.

Feedback on this thought, dev team?

EDIT: if done this way, upon building demoliton every item that was inside-minus the doors(bug?) falls down to the ground floor, but stays intact. suggestion: if items fall down like that, let them de-spawn into their non-placed form. should make manual-pickup un-neccesairy upon building deletion. (there is no reason anyone would want them to stay spawned in the wrong location) also, doors should also do this behavior, but it seems they turn un-movable and un-undeployable upon building destruction for some reason.

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