Stonehearth Updated on Steam Beta Branch (alpha_10_5 - 3)

Hi Everyone, we’re continuing to track down crash reports and performance issues leading to idle hearthlings. We fixed some of these in this patch, as well as a number of other bugs. All saves from 10.5 should be compatible.

To opt-in to the Steam Beta branch, see this page under About the “Latest” Branch:

Here are the detailed patch notes:


  • Pathfinding through gates and doors has been optimized.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix some crashes on Intel video drivers, and add more diagonostics to track down video driver issues.
  • Fix errors saving game when temp directory is not writeable.
  • Fix errors when loading game.
  • Fix error when promoting Shepherd to another profession.
  • Fix moving objects when hearthlings drop the item during the move.
  • Fix error in the aggro_observer (again!).
  • Fix error in the attribute_component.
  • Fix error in the scaffolding_manager.
  • Fix error when attempting to tear down buildings.
  • Fix bug counting items for collection quests.
  • Harvesting plants no longer causes workers to drop their current task.
  • Plates of food will now be eaten if dropped.
  • Fix categories for weapons, armor, banners, and job promotion items.
  • Fix error when opening trading window.
  • Fix error when overbuying items from trader.
  • Fix error when reordering items in workshop.
  • Health bar on character sheet now updates on damage.
  • Add missing status text that indicates what hearthlings are up to.
  • Fix issues when clicking 'Roll New Map' too quickly.
  • Fix UI error when hitting ESC before placing the banner.
  • Fix error on expired bulletin.

Other Changes

  • Camera zoom can now be controlled by keyboard + and -.
  • Camera pan can now be controlled by pressing the middle mouse button and moving the mouse.
  • Camera tutorial is now hidden after completing it once.
  • Make the Daily Update notification sticky.
  • Add missing close button to the error dialog.
  • LuaJIT is causing problems and has been disabled. As a result, world generation will take a little longer.
  • The enable_64_bit flag has been removed and replaced by the force_32_bit flag. You should run the 64-bit client if at all possible. The 64-bit client is faster and supports larger towns. We will optimize the memory footprint for both clients in the future.

Hey ahh just updated it now and does not work at all??

Hi @andrewleishey - Can you post your system specs and stonehearth.log? Thanks!

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Wait. alpha_10_5 - 3? Are we doing away with the release number system now?

Anyway, yay for many bug fixes. Especially:

That one has annoyed me ever since workshops were added.

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@Tuhalu - We’d like to keep up with the Release numbering system. This patch (and maybe the next) was branched from main Release branch to maintain save compatibility, and the autogenerated side effect is that the branch name shows up in game. I agree though, it does look weird!


OK. Good to know. I guess this means we’ll can expect a save breaking version sometime after all that, but we are safe for a while yet.

Camera tutorial is now hidden after completing it once.

As a modder I really appreciate this.