Opened a common trader window and got UI error

Hey, I see you are still running alpha_10_5_3. Tried updating to the latest version today? I doubt it would have helped with this bug, but probably best to be up to date.

my steam is retarded it refuses to update

try in the settings to check for issues - he should see that the stonehearth.smod 1053 has not the same info like 10510 and update it ^^

Do you know how to make updates high priority for a game? Also if you ppen the game up dorectlt, steam won’t ask you if you wish to update if you don’t have it opted in to ask.

i have my steam library set to auto update all my other games check for updates when i exit them this one however doesent

Have you checked your settings for Stonehearth in particular? Each game in your steam library can have settings that override the global setting.

Go to your settings and set Stonehearth to “high priority” and see if that helps.

yep it set to auto update … #fail

i just uninstalled and reinstalled via steam and fail stil 10.5.3

Well that’s the latest non beta branch. If you go your library, right click stonehearth, click lroperties, click the last tab on the window that comes up, and select “opt in beta branches” you can play with the branches that haven’t been tested much.

Is it? I thought it was the first of the opt-in branch versions since 10.5. Either way it’s worth making sure. Every time I reinstalled the game when I was trying to get it working again, it would reset to opt-out.

Yeah but all the other branches are still beta, aren’t they?

and is it common for hearthlings to die because every one else doesent help them defend the city?

If they’re up against something too powerful, then yes. If you organize your hearthlings into parties, you can order them to attack/defend an area. Attack hearthlings will attack any hostile entity that comes within range and defense hearthlings will only attack if attacked.

i have all 7 … well now 6 …rip dude … in a party had a goblin attack mid build told them all to attack and 6 of them just stood there with there thumbs up there asses… then once we lost one our guys the other 6 decided that then was a good time to step in …

ugh its gonna be one of them games screw it restarting once again (every couple of world gens i get hearthlings that dont want to obey me …

First off, please don’t curse, young people may get on here and we don’t want them seeing people curse.

Now, what probably happened was that the hearthlings pathfinding or priorities got bugged. If you ever see hearthlings disobeying an attack command, switch to a defense command near them, it may help them.


er mer gerd its also gonna be one of them 15 encounter in one night games … goblins be wanting to wipe me out fast

and in the process of generating a new world all the sudden predesigned (custom saved templates incuded show red x when mouse is on ground but when mouse is on the top of a tree theplate appears