Stonehearth Updated on Steam Beta Branch (alpha_10_5 - 10)

Hi Everyone, we’ve updated Stonehearth with another patch that should improve stability and allow you to play longer games.

To opt-in to the Steam Beta branch, see this page under About the “Latest” Branch:

Here are the detailed patch notes:


A crash due to multi-threading code has been fixed.


Several large memory leaks have been fixed. This also reduces a lot of pressure on the Lua garbage collector which should improve performance. Your existing save games from Alpha 10.5 will continue to work, but you will see the full benefit of the bug fixes by starting a new game.

Hmmmm, I just loaded the game and was hit with the ‘incompatible save version’ notation. So no, my save games aren’t continuing to work. No sweat, will be content to start a new pretty town. Just lettin’ ya know.

UPDATE: New town started, old saves deleted, played nicely. Shut it down for my morning shower, and now it won’t start up again. Loaded the town, but there are no icons or status bars or anything that lets me play. Even Escape key does nothing.

UPDATE 2: deleted my 2nd save, 1st save played fine.

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I also saw that “incompatible save version” message, but tried to load anyway. It worked and the game loaded ok. I unpaused and everything seemed fine. I haven’t had time to try anything else. I’ll see this evening.

Have fun


Thanks for catching this! The incompatible save message is incorrect. If you have an Alpha 10.5 save, it should work fine. We’ll spin a new build to fix the message.


it was only forget to add the statement that the saves from 1053 also work :wink: there no entite or campaign changes so all works fine :wink: if you want to add the info is in the save_view.js xD

edit: and also in the title.js ^^ but albert was quick and has updated it to 10,5.10 xD

Ok, the incompatible save message should be fixed.


Hi Albert

Just noticed another, smaller, 49mb patch on the latest build.

Are there any patch notes for this?



@0livero - We just fixed the message that was incorrectly reporting Alpha 10.5 saves as being incompatible.

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hmmm all in all it should just be 11kb ^^

Hi Everyone! When you have a moment, please give us feedback on the performance, stability, and memory usage for this build. Thanks!


I’m getting micro stutters and freezes. Nothing in the log, other than complaints that it cant spawn sheep for my pasture due to 500 steps exceeded.

lua, pathfinder and pathfinder navgrid all seem to spike when it happens if that helps.

Suppose I should mention this is a continuation of a saved game.


like mentioned from froggy micro stutters but no big lags - in my game sheeps spawns but my pasture is really neary but it doesnt look like he would bring them to the pastue - runs since 10mins with the same sheep left and right xD old save from 1053^^

edit: ok now he has get a second sheep and put both in the pastue xD

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