[Dev Blog] Steam latest branch updated to build 192



thanks for posting :slight_smile:

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You beat me to it! Cursseee youuuu!!!

Also, huzzah for fixing the black screen bug. Nice work, radiant.


haha I am on the dev blog and here just about 24/7 but do not post them here tell now DUN DUN DUN >:)

Love How radiant can do so many bug fixes :smile:

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a Monday blog post/client release? what is this madness? :smile:

thanks TR! :+1:



I haven’t experimented with this before on Steam yet–is it possible to revert to a previous beta version? I’m still not ready to move on from the Mountains_8 project I’ve been working on in the previous build. Normally, I’d be fine with just using the most recent unstable version.

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Not that I know of. But I am not 100% sure just 90% sure you can not

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I would say just try and load one of the saves, and then resave it and see if it attaches to current build

Edit: K just tried to load my old save and it does load, and saved the game. It no longer says incompatible and look like all files are good. So in essence doing that will save your village

Edit 2: okay went back to that save and now it wont work, so sorry you lost your village i was always reading your post about it. i guess it time to pack up your villagers and set anew. i have to do the same with mine, i have lost my footman tribute :frowning: