[Dev Blog] Steam latest branch updated to release-206

Just for Info - there was just an update to Build 206 ^^



Update? Really? Great!

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Only one bug to go

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Yes, I have also experienced this bug

man o man so many updates THANK you so much RE love you guys!

We’re still trying to track down one bug for Alpha 9, where the game
runs at a really slow framerate right at startup. If you can reproduce
this bug and have any info for us, please respond in the comments.

That would be me. I’ve still got this one. Fresh game and it’s nearly unresponsive (win 7
AMD 32bit) and basically unplayable. Game still won’t start in 64bit mode. Started last update. I’ll supply more info, just tell me what you need.

your running 64 on a 32 machine? O.o

No, he has 2 PCs. One AMD running x32 and one Intel running x64.

unless this is a typo? then its user error

did anyone notice mining hearthilng are smarter?

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Can you paste your user_settings.json and stonehearth.log in here (or just msg me)? Thanks.

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