Game not updating HELP! (Switch to Latest branch on Steam)

I dont know how to update my game because Release-559 is already here but if i start the game its says left above Release-552 so how to update the game?

Pleas help me! Its not updating my game! :’(

To download release 559, you must change Steam so that it downloads the latest (or beta) version of StoneHearth.

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How do i do that pleas help me! =(

Oh i think i have it!

Yeah i have it! thank you!

No problem. I believe they said they would release 559 to the normal branch either today or tomorrow, just in case you don’t always want to be on latest.

Glad you got it!

In the future if you want to play the “latest” and potentially unstable versions on steam, all you do is right click on the game in your library:

Properties > Betas > dropdown latest- Latest Build. Minimally Tested.


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Yeah i know it! Im really happy that i know it know and not that i need to pay again or something! But thanks!

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