Not starting via steam & Not loading incompatible save file

When starting the game via steam (Library - Stonehearth - Play), asbolutely nothing happens, manually through the steamapps/common/stoneherath/stonehearth.exe works.

After I managed to get it working, it will not load old Alpha 8 save, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that fixed?

64 bit Win 7, Stoenhearth release 256 x64 build. If you need more info, I’ll post it.

Sorry if this was already posted, but quick glimpse showed no results.

loading saves from previous clients is not (completely) supported at this time…

I’m on win7 64 bit and I can play the game no problem. Old saves don’t work.

In Steam, right click on the game in the library and click on properties. In one of those tabs there’s an option to verify integrity of files. Perhaps you’ll need to redownload the latest version or something. It’s weird that you can start it manually but not via Steam.

And yes, incompatible save is incompatible. Why else would it have a red background? :expressionless:


Sometimes it’s not all that incompatible, but I find Alpha 9 is more incompatible than most.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’ve already checked integrity.

And like coasterspaul said, sometimes incompatible saves do work, regardless od red background :smile:

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Of course they work, but the fact that an old save is not loading is not a bug. I mean, they aren’t supposed to load fine, and if they manage to do it, bugs in that game will be inconclusive.

Wait, what was that?:

this is to start the game but manually?

So it still fails to start via Steam or not? :confused:

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Nope, still manual. I’m used to it :stuck_out_tongue: