Impressions of Alpha 4 Release 122

For gods sake PLEASE fix the damn “everyone stucks in the ground” bug before adding anything more…
Again a 6h game crushed to dust because game crashed and BASH all Folks are only Heads… rest is stuck into the Ground.

I REALLY watched that not a single bit of Stockpile is close to ANY immobile item like Walls or something (was mentioned in another thread) it really makes me stop testing anymore… all my Games which starts to run smoth just crashes to dust because of this SINGLE bug… no more testing until I read that its fixed… really stops me from have fun while checking if “this and that” works or if the game runs…

whilst I agree that it is a major issue that needs addressing, this is a somewhat counterproductive statement when you think about it… there are obviously many other things which can be tested, confirmed, etc. :wink:

Only thing you can blame Radiant for is letting you choose to play the alpha :wink: . I can pretty much guarantee that if you take a 6 month break from SH, you’ll hardly recognise it when you return :slight_smile: .


How should I “test” and “confirm” more bugs/issues and things, when the game always crashes at a certain point to be unplayable for me anymore? I not even ONCE got further into the game than ~3 Houses builded and Day 12 except for this one 6h game which was nearly in one playthrough without stopping.

I’m happy to get Alpha played, report bugs and find issues, make suggestions about things which can maybe done other way etc. but I’m not able to go 6h+ sessions just to reach a new point where I can test the next things I’ve NOT tested/seen so far… so I dont get the point you open here.

I never blamed anyone for anything here O.o dont get what you want of me here.
Just said that I’ve tested everything I can so far and games never reach a new stage as I always get hit with the same bug over and over for weeks now and that I will not test anymore until I can see something new because this bug is gone. It’s not of use for anyone if I always get stuck at the same “stage” of the game and start to get angry about it as it feels like “wasting” again lots of time at try to reach further stages of the game.

i’m impressed you’ve had 6 hour sessions! :smiley:

personally, i wouldnt invest that much time in any one particular “test”, but that just comes down to preferences i suppose… still, your point is valid… perhaps it would be best if you simply took some time off from the testing process, until something more “substantial” is provided by the developers?

@LuckyAce take the other perspective, everyone’s games end because of bugs, you had an amazing run of 6h, im lucky to go 20min unmodded (hence why I mod so much, gotta make those 20 count). If that doesn’t help, think there is a volcano under your town, you don’t know when it will erupt but your going to race to the highest score before it does.

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