Bug report Alpha 4 build 118

Yeah for the new update! Its actually playable :smile:

Patrolling soldier -> Make her/him moveable OR selectable patrolling areas where goblins spawn frequent)
Armed goblins are way to OP :stuck_out_tongue:

UI ->

1 Just bugs out randomly requires restart ( You can’t click on workshops anymore etc)
2 When a worker(s) dies the worker menu doens’t get updated.
3 Back to main menu is not working

Crafting ->

1If you wanna craft a item thats needs other item(s) as well its just being queued and nothing happens

House building -> (see 12:40 on twitch VOD big error pile) (at 31:00 house building goes pretty good)

1 Undo fuctions still brings a lot of errors
2 You can’t add doors/windows later after finishing main foundation, items get added on the house not INTO the house. (see 00:40 twitch vod)
3 Windows/doors dont get placed sometimes
4 Replacing items just being ignored

I have been playing for an hour and no new citizen ever came same with the trader guy (which happend in the older build frequently)

Quite the same for me. In one game I killed the first thief with a CTA (very early), two minutes later my settlement got overrun by three goblins with swords.

hi there @SmoovTh… thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

if possible, it’s really helpful to break these out into individual reports (easier to track, and for others to supplement, etc.)…

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