[BUG] Alpha 4 Bugs, Build 0.1.0 Release 122

Few Alpha 4 bugs to report. Thankfully no floating heads.

  1. When a footman killed a goblin, I got this message.

  2. I had the Weaver craft some armor. When they finished they just dropped it at the crafting table instead of a stockpile. Neither the footman or workers came to pick up their new clothes.

  3. I had just finished building my lovely house when I got zerg rushed by a bunch of goblins. Once they were through murdering my people, they murdered the game.

I can’t stay mad at those little guys, though. Just look at those wittle faces!

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I haven’t got far enough but within in 5min I was rushed by 4 armed gobs and cleaned my village out.


That NEVER happens to me, they always start with thieves and never seem to invade.

4 minutes? Really?

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Sooo im back again :wink: Here my Bugreport for this release :smiley:

The main building issues from last time are still active (ladder only up not down, wallbuilding only when 2 fields freespace on the outside).

Wall on Wall not possible xD

So here some pics from the new release xD

Who is the Racoon? xD Some Issues with the z-system:

Also means a rabbit that i have tamed it and jump with one hopp up on the wall (I have seen the jump but wasnt fast enought to screen it xD) -> i think all rabbits on the map think they are my friends (pets):

Next one is also one failure with the z-system - Here was an pet trapped under a tree and he means to get naked and throw his pelt on the tree xD:

Next one is a promoting issue for the footmen (i think one or two have say this … perhaps ;)) -> At the end he was killed from the goblin mob:

Ahh goblin mob… there are 2 bugs:

  1. first they doesnt want to use my ladders on the first two days. one the third night a new mob spawned and use the ladders and attack my village:

  2. they can glitsch/walk through my closed doors … :frowning:

Soooo i hope i have helped again ^^ if there are questions - the normal way -> please ask :wink:

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