[Dup] [BUGS] Alpha 4, Release 0.1.0, Build 127

Number of bugs to report.

After a goblin raiding party came through and killed my trapper, I was unable to view any citizens from this window nor was I able to select someone with the trapper knife token.

Traveler came through requesting 7 fence posts for something. Queued them up with the carpenter and he ended up just placing the finished fences randomly all over the place. When the travel came back through, he didn’t detect that I had made any.

After one bout with a goblin rader, my Footman decided he didn’t want to fight anymore. He wandered aimlessly around and didn’t fend off any goblins on his own or when the town alarm was triggered. He was still happy to collect his upgraded armor. I created another sword token and promoted a different villager who was happy to step in and performed as expected. (Footman in question is checking out the crops while the rest of the village is fighting the invasion.)

The rest of these are just various error messages that popped up while I was playing. Unfortunately I am not sure what I did to produce them.

On a positive note. I was able to upgrade armor, the “Keep X in stock” crafting worked great, and the townsfolk built their little cabin in record time.

Keep up the good work, Team Radiant.


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