Alpha 10 Stable: Bugs & Fun Stuff

As I do every Alpha, here’s some bugs I found!


  1. When you promote someone to carpenter, they are still classified as a worker, the citizens tab is empty, and if you click on them you can’t click anywhere else. (Happens sometimes.)
  2. When Undead attack, their is no notification sometimes.
  3. Saving the game causes it to freeze sometimes. Or maybe it just was really slow, I got impatient after several minutes of sitting/waiting.
  4. When game paused, time still goes on. Settlers/enemies won’t move, yet day slowly becomes night and traders/caravans arrive.
  5. After getting trappers/farmers, the stockpile still says it requires one in red.
  6. You can’t select some of the slabs.
  7. Costumes/models sometimes break.
  8. Worker goblins patrol stockpiles sometimes.
  9. Footman don’t listen to party orders. patrolpatrolpatrol
  10. Sometimes workers drop logs on a roof or between a ladder for no reason. Dang it!
  11. There are problems making second floors.
  12. Zombies appear in peaceful mode.
  13. Workers sometimes start building, then forget about it. “I have better things to do!”-Mike Framer 2015
  14. When Undead reach their destination, they stop and wander aimlessly.
  15. When a goblin attack notification happens, it may read BRAAIIINNSSS!!!
  16. Trappers are slow to check traps, and might even forget about them. so much memory loss
  17. When you place a starting flag, it always ends up backwards.
  18. On the choose kingdom area screen, you can’t get 3 or 4 rabbit heads to appear.
  19. Workers sometimes don’y do their job at night.
  20. Sometimes, tiny white circles appear around the screen.
  21. No pickaxe for crafting though it is in job tree.
  22. On rare occasions, you can;'t exit Town Defense mode.


  1. Undead don’t come 1st 2 nights.
  2. Water shouldn’t look like it “Glows” and when more than 1 deep, blue lines appear around the edges.
  3. When attacking a goblin camp, they should summon reinforcements.
  4. Blacksmith should be able to craft gold chests with 1 wood and gold bars.


  1. After making a multi-story building, erase part of the second slab floor so you can place a ladder inside.
  2. Underwater Town!!!

Confirm #1, #2, #4 Bugs

OS win 8.1 Pro 16Gb ram
GeForce GTX 970 4096 MB GDDR5
CPU i7-4930K @ 3.4ghz 6 core

*Agree with suggestions also

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I’ve added a bunch more bugs and other stuff! :grinning:

i found few

1: sometimes worker dumps log on roof which never removed from roof or sometimes log dumped between ladder and wall
2: problems making walls for upper floor
3: in peaceful mode - the Zombies appear - this shouldn’t be happening

really? you dont want the zombie attack on days 1-2?
To me they are pitiful, they do nothing they just walk and die… that is all the undead do, watch, try it some time. they don’t attack unless there is a villager like a foot away from them.
im serious, they ignore people who are attacking them as they walk.
they are really that pointless.
you dont even have to kill them.

I actually think they should be more aggressive, But they should ignore people if they are inside houses.

the water bug is annoying, I agree.


Im having an issue with building! Most of the time they dont finish building it and never go back to it!
Tried to save reload and restart game, nothing fixes it. So im stuck with buildings that look like this!

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Im having same issue as devoderek with buildings never getting finished.

I added all of your reports! :smile:

As bugs get fixed, I’ll delete them from the list.

Bug fixing COMMENCE!!!


I just had a crazy bug… thing… My shepard had gotten back with a new sheep, dropped it off in the designated area, but continued to walk very slowly as if still leading a sheep. First I had the sheep he had been leading be killed for meat to see if that would fix him. It had no effect so I decided I would try to change him to a worker and the back again to see if that would do the trick. He dropped the crook and continued to walk slowly. Outfit didnt change but he started to do worker tasks. Decided to try and change him to a stone mason… He walked over to the tools, picked up the hammer… and started to spawn crooks all around him…

This is the only screenshot I got before total crash.

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Suggestion: Mages!
Long range shiny bolts of destruction!
2#Drag Build
Drag fences to place them in a line

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To add to the above list, I don’t think it’s in the game yet but I can’t find a pick axe for crafting although it’s shown in the job tree.

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Well, it’s an unimplemented feature, so you can’t craft it yet. Sorry for the confusion :sweat_smile:


Ah heh no apology needed, thought I’d mention it as I hadn’t seen it mentioned in a while :wink:

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I have a bug. When I went on to town defense mode, and made an attack party to go after some attacking goblins, town defense mode wouldn’t turn off. I had to create a new village :frowning:

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You mean that pressing “R” didn’t turn down the town defense mode?

@Relyss When I pressed R the town defense symbol at the top of the screen went away, but the workers got a new exclamation point on their heads like when you first activate it, and stayed in the same spot remaining on guard.

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Ok, thanks for confirming. I’ve seen another user that had the same bug, and the hearthlings eventually starved.

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