(ALPHA 11)Big error message + Wolves Not Attacking + villagers not working (part of same bug)

I thought I would report the bug found in this video:

Its not my video, but its still a bug worth reporting.

Starts at 5:58 and keeps happening to the end.

After the wolves (which dont attack) (and have an error) the villagers stop working, and listening to orders as-well , and the rest of the goblins also dont attack. They all just stand there. and the goblins just walk to teh middle of his village, stand there , and leave. As-well. Its a glorious bug.



best edit ever :laughing:

but in all seriousness, this is a strange bug, perhaps its related to the one were the undead dont attack?

This has happened to me too in 10-5-10 alpha.

and yet still no dev or even moderator reply… oh well. Im sure they have seen it.
I decided to edit the title to be more clear about the montrousness of this bug and how scared I am of it because I dont want this happening to me.And would rather see it fixed.

ahem i replied, just not a very helpful reply, but still a reply :wink:

i dont exactly have any idea what happened (even after watching it 3 times over) all i understood was he got a lot of errors, and then his town stopped working. so i dont have a clue what to do.

if anyone were able to get repro steps that would be great.

i guess i’ll just page @sdee now.


The video not sufficient to try to figure out what caused the error? the error messages can be read just fine in 1080p mode, at least the bug fixing guy could read the error message and figure it out from there.

Of course if I had the time, I would transcribe the error message, but sadly I am VERY busy.

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