My Broken Village

Well after several hours of new game play I can summarize some issues. Firstly scaffolding is buggy, and sometimes the villagers don’t even take it down. Sometimes workers stop building roads even though the resources are there. Zombie AI is atrocious, and there are no goblins anymore. All in all the game has actually regressed in my eyes as far as playability obviously because of the state of the game this was expected. I think having a way to prioritize tasks can ease some of the AI confusion with unfinished buildings, roads and leaving scaffolding up on a finished house. There has been no interaction with Goblins either in this build, and just the random 5 friendly zombies who waltz into town and get killed.

well thats what the unstable builds are for, they are minimally tested releases so that they can clean up all the bugs before pushing out the new build, in other words they arent complete yet. :smile:

if you wish to be able to play the game without* bugs you should play the stable builds :blush:

well bugs still are present as its an alpha*

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I have goblins every map i play. Also the bugs are expected as its an unstable build! I have a feeling that zombies will be very dangerous! Try this, let them walk to where they are going and then have your Hearthlings attack them. If you have less than 2 footman you will most likely loose some people on groups of 4 or more zombies.

At this point once all the bugs are ironed out. I think it will be very hard to progress in the game! With nightly zombie raids and goblins usually showing up on day 3!

Anyways this is what alpha is for and the unstable builds as well!

I hope they become a LOT more dangerous. They also need to drop loot xD

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i dont think you have fought a group of 5 or 6 zombies not walking away from you and trying to kill you. do as i said in my last post. A group like this on day 1 will wipe you out np! Not to mention workers are not even supposed to be able to fight them!

The zombie system needs to be changed before they fix those bugs. With the amount of hearthings we start with and how slowly we get more. you will have to promote more than half to footman right off the bat. This doesnt make sense to me.

Dont get me wrong, i want zombies to be a threat. But i dont want them to spawn every night like clockwork from day 1.

There should be events that lead up to them or something.

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ahem, please follow the guidelines and watch your language, keep it family friendly.

[quote=“Colster, post:6, topic:11974”]
This is a i need help cause i don’t know what im doing and we will keep this game in alpha until i get it right or we hire someone to do that job. I’m just being honest
[/quote]well im not to much of a coder genius myself. but when adding things, like water, the game breaks. meaning they have to redo/fix a lot of stuff, currently i think the key is to just be patient.

@SteveAdamo @Relyss could you possibly edit out those swears for us?

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Just frustrated… I know they are working hard. I retract my statements, however I think we should be able to have some kind of time frame.

I dont think playing the unstable is for you! Think it would be best if you stayed with the stable builds of the game.

They dont give time frames because if they miss them people get upset! Also the point of the unstable is to help them find these issues!


A time frame just means we will be dissappointed and complain. If there is one thing I have learned from watching early access games and Kickstarter projects is that a time frame just sets you up to make people upset. It doesn’t make the product better, and it doesn’t make the customer’s happier.

As to the original post, do remember that, in the unstable, all of the things you have encountered are issues that have come up because those are all things that are either new or have been reworked. Scaffolding had to be looked at again because of multistory buildings, zombies are a (cliche) new enemy, etc. So, just play the stable release instead for now, and wait til Alpha 10 hits. You won’t feel things are regressing then.

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I had to kill 13 on night 2 7 on night one, neither time were they really a threat as my hearthlings teamed them instead of splitting up and taking forever to kill even one

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If those 13 were to attack you on sight it would be a different story lol. Anyways they are bugged and need to be fixed as im sure they will. But the zombie but is at the far bottom of bugs that should be fixed first! At least in my opinion!