After recently returning

i got back into the game after about a year and is it buggier for anyone else or that’s just me?

everytime i send my town into alert defence mode, que up certain things to be built or when i tried to use the windchimes to ward off ogar (not sure thats his name or not) i get one and they progressively piled up to like 25 error messages and i had to stop a playthrough that was goin pretty well besides that ogar bit because the chimes didnt work and he came in and killed everyone

is it the newest build for everyone or maybe just my game?

I feel like this is a really wonky time to come back; they’re about to implement a lot of major major revisions that should streamline & correct a lot of ongoing issues, but until they do those – the rebuild of the building system, etc. – it’s a bit of limbo.

ah that building system revision might explain the bugs with building for me like the scaffolding not being taken down

still excited tho but man is the game buggy for me atm

Also, the current build on Steam is an unstable alpha, the first unstable build that they put out on Steam in quite a while. They had been only releasing stable versions up until 23.

i dont think im using version 23 because i dont have the appeal system mostly because unstable version are my kryptonite sometimes

For me only some mods made error messages.
I also got some buildig bugs like they wont build a wall in a tunnel or they build scaffolds they couldn’t reach.
But still…not many of them.