Stream buggs/crashes/failures @TeamRadiant plz read this topic!

Well as I announced on my stream post, it was meant to have fun and get some community people talking to eachother, etc. BUT it was also meant to capture errors with video, so I can link them up in here with all the errors and footage as to when they happened. Just so team radiant might be able to use the footage to figure out how they happen and how to get rid of them.

If any of you have had a similar bugg, plz let me know or if you have a bugg you’d like me to recreate

My stream thread is here:

I’m creating this post to put all those pictures and videos in here, so plz do not lock this thread! :slight_smile:
Here’s the errors and footage from yesterday, I hope this helps @TeamRadiant:

DAY1: BuggTown V1.0
Villager bed placement and being stuck:

Building desinger bugg:

Unknown bugg (perhaps morning bugg?):

Trapping grounds on top of the trees:

AI pathfinding bugg:

UI bugg:

BuggTown V1.1
Scaffolding building inside other scaffolding:

Loggs on the roof:

Unknown error 2:

(I can make a longer version of the error so you can try figure out where it comes from?)

Unknown Error 3 (failed villager join?)

BuggTown V1.2
We haven’t encountered many buggs just yet (uploading the ones I found).
But there’s one thing that kind a surprised me, namely that there haven’t been any “scenario” pop-ups since the start. So no oppurtinities for trades, ppl wanting to join no approaching travellers, etc.

Unkown error 4:

The infamous footman doesn’t seem to care bugg:

Floating citizens whilst eating:

Things getting stuck on ladders:

Unknown error 5:

Lighting bugg:

Linear Combat error:

Unknown Error 6 (seomthing with the weaver It hink):

DAY2: (comeing up)

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Nice work there :slight_smile: . My only complaint: the videos all started trying to play at once, and bugged out my Flash player entirely XD .

I’m currently still editting the stream so more vids will follow V1.2 already lasted an entire hour and we managed to save it. I have a copy of the save-file so I have a base safe to work from when trying to ctach buggs or anything else…

The vids starting all at the same time is something I cannot pick. The same thing happens to me, probably a website setting or something to do with twitch…
I’m changeing them to their youtube versions, but they still have to upload…

interesting (and helpful) use of the live stream! :+1:

well, if you’re going to hamstring your settlement like that… what do you expect! :smile:


Well yeah, that’s what they’re meant for, at least for now :slight_smile:

As soon as I can play 10-15+ days without errors I’ll start giveing the towns a regular name. Or when I’m playing a village to make it last :wink:

Anyway, I finished everything and added all buggs/errors I could find from yesterday’s livestream.
You can find the livestream currently still on my livestream channel or my the playlist on my youtube channel.