Twitch stonehearth stream (working around bugs and playtime)

The main reason I’m putting it here is not because you can fill hours and hours on 1 save-file yet, but mainly cause I felt like streaming and trying to figure out buggs and finding a way around them.
I can stream with gameplay too ofcourse but, this would be more a way from players to players shareing how to work around buggs or giveing new buggs we try to replicate so that team radiant can try solveing them with video footage helping them since that always helps more than ‘only’ pictures.

It’d also be a good way for everyone to chat a bit more :smiley:

So if anyone would be interested in watching let me know and I’ll see what I can do

My man if you adjust something, would you please tell me what you adjusted? xD

apologies! i simply updated the title, to correct the spelling of “stonehearth” and “bugs”… :smiley:

just kiddin man, it’s all good :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I would be interested, it would be nice to talk to others about the game in real-time a bit.

well since I can already make 1 person happy with it, that’s fine for me, the rest of you can come watch whenever I’ll be streaming. Gonna work out a schedule soon and post it here with my channel link

I’ll stop by and watch. What’s your Twitch?

Allright I’ve been thinking about the schedule for the stream:
I’d probably stream in the evenings and in the weekend say 2-3 times a week and I’ll upload some “let’s plays” and/or random video’s to youtube as well for those who can’t make it to the stream.
(trying to allow everyone to follow in some way)

so here’s the current planning, I’ll meet up with you ppl on (sorry about the channelname goes back quite some time xD ):

the options for me streaming would be:

  • monday 9pm (cest)
  • tuesday 9pm (cest)
  • wednsday 9pm (cest)
  • thursday 9pm (cest)
  • friday (sadly enough normally no stream on friday unless I anounce it)
  • saturday 1pm and/or 9pm (cest)
  • sunday 3pm and/or 9pm (cest)

Let me know what would suit you best and I’ll try to adjust the schedule a bit

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Look forward to checking out your stream!

I’ll be going live in 10 minutes

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Thanks for the stream. T-Shaped buildings for the win!

Lol no curtains yet!


You’re welcome and thank you for watching!
As long as people keep watching it I’ll try and stream consistently.

Gonna try and make some bugg-highlights soon. I’ll post the screenshots on here as well :wink:

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UPDATE: I posted the bugg-highlights in the active bugg topic, here

BuggTown V1.2 at the end of yesterday’s stream

Silas’s T-shaped building is, obviously, the one on the right :slight_smile:


Nice, but I dont see H-shaped one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s on another save which lasted about 15-20 minutes. It’s in Buggtown V1.1

Going live in 10 minutes!!!

IT’s been quite some time since I’ve streamed but the simple reason was the game still force closeing as soon as a scenario pop-up would appear…
I’m hopeing that this patch fixed it, otherwhise I’ll have to reinstall the game hopeing that solves it :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be streaming less frequent than planned since I’m currently in a shit ton of work for work… So I’ll try to stream whenever stuff gets fixed or added and try to stream that pach at least for 2 hours 2 days minimum. Might even do more if I have plenty of time :wink:
I’m hopeing to get trought it and continue my original plan, I do appolagise for those who were hopeing to have me deoing those more frequent…

Anyway, I’ll be streaming saturday night!

Could I ask when that would be? You stated 1pm CEST earlier, is that when you plan on streaming?

well on a normal saturday yes, I plan on streaming in the afternoon around 7-8 pm CEST