Our 200th Twitch Stream! IT'S COMING

Wow, time flies! Seems like just yesterday we were doing our 100th stream, and now it’s almost time for Twitch Stream #200! (sniff…they grow up so fast!).

We’re starting to plan the festivities for this, and (as before) we want your input! We’ll have as many of the dev team participate as possible; we’ll do a review of where we’re at with the game; and showcase some awesome community content.

Likely timing for this is the week of July 17th.

What else would you like to see? Put your thoughts down in this thread.

  • Each dev team presentation ! What she or he doing,etc… :wink:
  • The past StoneHearth and new Stonehearth for good memories
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Wonder if I’ll be able to catch it… Moving is such a… I’ll see in time.

Anyway I think what lagrossechoco mentioned would be good; the comparison of how far stonehearth has come. Showing off this or that of prior versions.

Community content showcase would be great, as well a note at what the modding part has done with the game.

Seeing each of the devs or as many as possible to make it definitely would be a nice touch to see and welcome. :slight_smile:

I am not much for ideas unless it is related to building… So kind of drawing a blank on it, but will see if I can make it when it happens. Nice to celebrate the distance in achievements & accomplishments. :smiley:

What if the team did a coordinated hack day event?

Perhaps the community votes on a single, bite-size feature that the team would work on to provide an MVP. Something that can be achieved in one day (with adequate pre-planning), but isn’t necessarily themed against an Alpha schedule, etc. Just an old-fashioned “gee it would be awesome/fun to have this thing in game”.

Obviously, Team Stonehearth would need to curate a list of stuff they’re willing to include on a hack day to ensure it’ll be fun for them, and actually achievable.

An example might be: “Let’s get basic procedural underground dungeon generation working”.

Or maybe the community coordinates broadcasting Let’s Plays in Twitch all on the same day (likely a weekend), and Team Stonehearth runs around joining the stream chats. Could even do a community live build competition, assuming we solve scaffolding and ladder logic by then, of course. Might even work out a method for Google Hangouts while live playing, so the team can spontaneously join in on various Hangouts sessions throughout the community event.

Regardless, I’m excited for #200! It’s gonna be a fun day no matter what we do for it.


A community live build competition would be cool where they have two people face off at a time in a build challenge and the community votes for the winner, also the topic that is to be built.

Pizza :smiley:

I realy hope the stream will be an early or a realy late one so I can watch it live :stuck_out_tongue:

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They should add a pizza recipe for the cook! :pizza: Oh, and popcorn!

I just thought about the virtual Pizza Party close to the end of the Kickstarter on 28. May 2013 :smiley:

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Great stream!

Great to see Tom and Tony again, great music, great art, great dancing sheep. Only downside, macOS and Linux pledgers are still left out in the cold.

is there any recap of the stream? :slight_smile:

@oldmacman not out in the cold! We’re already looking at the best ways to do the port, but we want a complete single-player game before we do that.

In the meantime, it’s possible to play Stonehearth on a Mac using Wine.

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@Opperwezen it’s on our Twitch page (Twitch).


Thanks Brad, multiplayer got a mention on the stream, but not the terrible twins of macOS and Linux, so naturally the paranoia kicked in :wink:

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wow, nostalgia overload! :smiley:

so many fond memories … thanks for putting together the stream folks… :smile::thumbsup:


I watched the entire beginning up to where I popped in late. It was amazing.

Then I skipped the YouTube section I’d mostly seen and of course I had to listen to the new music again. :smile:

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