[Twitch] Streaming Stonehearth, twitch.tv/Devolant

I figured I’d share my stream because I like discussing stonehearth! Sharing the game and such with friends and passerby’s. Come one and come all, let us hang out and share our love of the game :slight_smile: Twitch :slight_smile: They update this game so often so I can’t help but want to show my love of the game :stuck_out_tongue:


hey there @DevolantTwitch, welcome to the discourse :smile:

though i don’t know how long i can stay, i’ll definitely stop by and say hi!


For anyone still interested in a StoneHearth related twitch stream other than the developers doing theirs, I still spend a decent amount of time playing Stonehearth when new content drops and this patch seems to be one that’ll eat up a good amount of my MMO time and time in general!

I was watching Devolant stream this afternoon and had a lot of fun! People should really check him out when he streams again.

So much fun in fact that I am streaming a bit tonight at Twitch. I don’t want to hijack his thread, but though maybe it would be nice to centralize a list of streams rather than make a new topic. Let me know if I should make a new thread instead!

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You’re good :slight_smile: It was fun interacting with you and hanging out. It’s not a problem! I think this game deserves more exposure, let’s carve out a slice of Twitch for Stonehearth :blush:

One good thing about twitching is that is catches those error I want to report but cant reproduce. I wonder how build 566 will effect combat. I have been having to run about 30% population as Soldiers as an encounter can easily go wrong.

Definitely! Twitch vods are really nice for that :smiley:

I’ve actually made a pretty nice post where I document my problems, ideas and suggestions. Trying to spark some discussion and all. Devolant’s Twitch Live Feedback Thread [A23 Gameplay, Story Mode] I think I’ve made a pretty reasonable list, but I have yet to really dive into mods!

Once you go Mod you don’t go back… LOL. I have really enjoyed the mod put out by the community and gotten to a point where it is extremely difficult to play without them.

Sorry for no recent Stonehearth streams D: Hasn’t been much newer content to really push to test and i haven’t been in a buildy mood ;_; Will look to do a stonehearth breakfast in the near future though, so please look forward to it :smiley: Will probably look into some mods before I jump back into the game though.

Watched you tonite, loved the chill atmosphere I like to have myself , definitely one to follow for this game and sure enough i go on the website and you have a thread for it haha xD could it be the start of the streamer thread of the forums lol :Twitch is mine, Love this game, love streaming it hope to hear from yuh devolant :v:

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Yeah I’m going to be deleting all the extra bump posts and only keeping ones that have had discussion happen around them to tidy up the threat itself! If you see posts disappearing… that’s why.

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Let’s go! Stonehearth and chill after work. A24.2 looks so nice. I can’t wait to see more after this first draft!

Twitch Continuing with our StoneHearth Arctic Settlement. Let’s see if we can get past this blacksmithing wall…

Stream’s of Stonehearth will be held off until all the changes have gone through and 1.0 finally drops. :slight_smile: Will push some good streams then, too many changes for now heh.