Different bugggs in R130

Well yet another update!
Here’s the buggs so far:

  • ppl join my village but get stuck in the ground. All I can see is their heads… Yet I can see them in my villagers tab, for example a carpenter, I can tell my villagers to build his workbench but they do not build it even tho the gray outlineing is there. Altho not always…
    EDIT: when the villager gets too hungry and almost dies he runs for food and this somehow fixes him :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I can’t seem to move objects, only the outlineing appears on the spot where they should put it.
  • You can’t craft the weaver tool to upgrade a villager to a weaver
  • Random errors popping up, yet I do not know how I generate them :smiley:

Everything else works like a charm (except for the known problems ofcourse)
EDIT: I’ve been playing this save for 2 hours and it’s getting pretty big! I have 11 villagers 3 smaller building, 1 big building (under construction), lots of farms and other stuff. But now the save function keeps bugging out. If I press new save it does nothing. When you press overwrite, it just deletes the save and now you can say I’m stuck with a lagging game :smiley:

It appears that as soon as you keep playing for prolonged times say 7-8+ days. The game just keep stacking up errors which eventually causes it to lagg out and bugg out everything until it force-closes…

(I’d add pictures but for some reason, I’m not allowed to do so…)

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hey there @Sweeck … feel free to post images hosted externally, and either @Geoffers747 or I can update the post to directly embed the image…

thanks for the feedback!