Villagers just stay inside the storehouse?

Sort of hesitant to call it a bug but I’ve noticed that all of my villagers in this new dev build like to just hang out in the storehouse rather than, you know, doing stuff…

Generally, I like to just have one large storage plot, then I build a large storehouse were I then delete the original stockpile zone and create new ones inside the storehouse. However, since this new build my villagers just seem to stand around inside the storehouse rather than transfer the items from old to new locations. I have noticed that they will transfer some stuff once they awake from sleep or eat at the chairs but even saving/loading will help.

Has anyone else had this sort of issue in the newest build? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks!

I’ve had it before where villagers will just stop working randomly and they’d stand around and even starve to death but loading the game tended to fix that.

There is a thread about it that I have seen but can’t seem to find right now (but I’m at work on break).
But that thread basically said that it’s a pathfinding error and creating another storage zone would fix it. But I’d rather just save & reload.

I’m not sure if the aforementioned bug and your bug are one in the same or different.

Sounds like a pathfinding issue though.

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I do remember seeing a topic like that now that you mention it.

I guess the only difference between that issue and this one is that, while they remember to eat, sleep, build, and craft, they don’t seem to like bringing loose items back to a stockpile inside the building.

It is just odd since saving/loading has fixed it in the past, just not now. Wasn’t sure if anyone else has the same play style and seeing the same problem.