Villagers stay in buildings

they won’t leave shared sleeping quarters. they just stand around, hungry. alert mode doesn’t rally them. givng them chores doesn’t move them.

BTW. Alpha 8 from Humble

Since alpha 8 the doors seem to be a bit buggy. Have the similar problem that villagers don’t enter or leave buildings sometimes: Villagers don’t enter the cottage for two, the shared sleeping quarters or the dining hall after they finished building them. They do seem to be able to get through the double door of my storage hall and a custom designed workshop building:

I get this door related bug ever since in an earlier unstable build (1 or 2 builds before alpha 8 release). Sometimes a guard entered my custom storage hall and doesn’t ever leave (before he could starve to death this earlier build crashed due to the 32bit problem)… or in other cases the craftsmen(carpenter, weaver…) didn’t use the houses i build for them and set their workshop up in. The predefined house templates did work fine then though.

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    Well I’m confident they will find the bug soon.

I had a similar problem, but i made 2 custom houses
1:st house had a fence and a gate to inner garden before door into the house, the hearthlings didn´t even enter.
2:nd house I made a back yard with a door out to it with a stone fece around it, they didnt get out of the house and started starving plus didnt put flowerboxes where i wanted so the rest of the hearthlings just stood idle.
Then i removed the fence gate at 1:st house and one stone fence at house 2 and all rejoiced and used everything as normal.

It’s really annoying. There are play throughs where sometimes 3 of my workers get stuck inside. And they are doomed for ever. I can not use them for anything anymore. Having them switch jobs doesn’t work either. They just stay inside.