Not using stockpiles?

My villagers are not using the stockpiles? They’re mining and gathering wood, stone etc…but they’re not placing any of it into stockpiles? And therefore, the items are not showing in my crafting menus?

Please help! New here so I hope I’ve done this right!

Lucy :slight_smile:

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hey there @MissBioletti, welcome to the discourse!

do your hearthlings have any other tasks to do? (mining, building, etc) or are they just standing around?

Have you put the correct settings for your crates ? Where do you put them ? Under a wall ? :slightly_smiling:

Looking at their stats, some say idle. I might try placing a stockpile closer to the mining spot and see what happens there. It’s the same for all the animal felt from the trapper! :slight_smile:

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hmm… they should be restocking if they dont have anything else to do, just as a note, stocking is the lowest priority the hearthlings have, so if you have them mining or building they wont restock until the other things are done.

would you perhaps be able to provide a save file?

The game crashed…since restarting it they’ve all gone and put items into stockpiles now! It’ must have been a bug but when the game crashed it seemed to do the trick!


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oh dear, any idea as to why the game crashed?

but seeing as this is no longer happening for you i’ll move it out of bug reports.