[NLA] Stockpile Issues

I build a stockpile and my villagers just keep picking up the logs and placing back in the same stockpile then freezing

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Known workaround, build two stockpiles. I built three and I think it helped.

I just deleted my stockpiles as they just seemed to confuse the AI.

Just standing there having a stockpile party! :smiley:

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Yeah I have the same issue. They either just stand there until they are hungry or tired, or they just keep picking up logs and placing them down again continuously.

You can build 2 stockpiles have one for food and drink and one for resources.

Click on the stockpile and edit.

It’s helped somewhat with the confusion in my workers lol.

I have a issue whereby my stockpiles aren’t being used.

Still remember lads and lasses all bugs should be reported here