[Res] Hearthlings put stuff in wrong stockpile

So, I started a new Town and assigned first the stockpiles and told them to get wood.

After I assinged a farmer to farm silkweed amongst other things, he started bringing some of the silkweed - instead of the assigned stockpile - to the wood-stockpile.

I see my workers doing this often, as well as in other of my towns. It is very distracting when I want to check my inventory for certain stuff without the need of going to the menu for that.

Hope this bug gets a bit of attention, and if then good luck fixing it,

Sorry for the late reply, @ParaGumba :disappointed_relieved:

Are you sure that you only clicked on the wood icon for the stockpile filter?
It seems not plausible that they placed silkweed there, the entities have the correct tag…

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well ist ok,
since the last Alpha this bug didnt appear again.
I think you can close it, anyway thanks for replying even tho it was old!
have a nice weekend,
ParaGumba :sunny: