Acacia Logs problem

Acacia Log not tagged in game for stockpile and or use, they ignore them.

Sorry for the loot icon, trying to get them to pick them up lol


I have no issue with acacia logs in a wood stockpile…

weird cause mine are ignoring them completely

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Okay retested this, they dont ignore them if A) when they first show up. B) if you load a save. They will pick them up and place them in stock and use them. But if u remove the stock from them, they ignore them :stuck_out_tongue:

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OK, I am not understanding your repro steps, sorry :frowning:. What do you mean by “if u remove the stock from them, they ignore them”? In my test, I

  1. added the logs to the world via debug tools (as iconic items)
  2. created a stockpile that holds all items
  3. watched the hearthlings move the logs
  4. turned off wood for that pile
  5. created a new stockpile for wood only
  6. watched the heartlings move the logs

IDk maybe it was a freak bug, just happens when i play a long time. it was a bit weird they was ignoring the logs. and when i was playing today, i was on awhile, then i moved the stock pile and they ignored them again. maybe the Ai was affecting it, i know Preformance goes way up when im on too long and that affect ai a bit

you can prob, lock this thread if it might be that. just reporting what happened

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Going to wait for a dev (like @Albert or @not_owen_wilson) to confirm this is purely a performance issue before closing up the thread…