[Dup] Wooden Log counting

Summary: I cut down some Trees, the log were brought to the stockpile, but not counted. So i counted for myself and had an amount that was much higher.

Steps to reproduce:
1)start game
2)count the logs after you build a stock
3) cut tree
Actual Results:
there seems to be a ratio between 1:3 or 1:2 counting the logs

Versions and Mods:
no mods version 0.1.0 r27

System Information: win7 i5 gtx 660




What I can see is that the starting logs (3 which you are getting to start-up your settlement) are not counted. All others are counter fine with me as soon as they arrive in one of the stockpiles.

hey @Dumpster, welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the report, but as has been mentioned, this is a known and reported bug …

keep cracking away at the client! :smiley: