[Res] Fire consumes no wood

Title: The firepit doesn’t use the log provided

Summary: The firepit doesn’t use the log provided to lit it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait until nighttime.
  2. See how a settler picks up a log, carries it to the firepit, and uses it to lit the fire.
  3. See how the same or other settler picks that log and returns it to the stockpile.

Expected Results: The log should stay at the firepit until morning.

Actual Results: The firepit keeps lit all the night without a log, and the log is not wasted as it is returned to the stockpile.

Notes: Hope someone can confirm. I’ve certainly seen this happen more than once, but I’m not entirely sure.Got a screenshot.


Versions and Mods: Alpha 3 R80

System Information:
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (32-bit OS)
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU P8400
2.26 GHz 2.27GHz
Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family


the poor firepit… seems to be a constant source of bugs for he team… :smile:

nothing else peculiar about this one? like one of the non worker classes bringing or carrying away the log?


The no worker classes can’t lit the fire. I promoted everyone and at the night the hours passed but the fire wasn’t lit by anyone.

I think this bug didn’t happen with previous releases, perhaps because in this one we make the stockpiles later. I just got a screenshot of the culprit red-handed. The same person lits the fire and returns the log to the stockpile.


Right, the firepit needs to hold a lease on the log. It doesn’t do that now. So… settler is like, FREE WOOD!


at least give the poor sods some sturdy gloves… :smile:


:cool: It’s fixed! :smiley: (bye bye :free: wood!)

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wait… what? a client update (today) resolved the issue? :smiley:

yup, the desktop tuesday says an update, so I opened Steam and it really updated :smile:


I’m afraid it’s not actually fixed yet–or if it is, I didn’t do it! I think it happens nondetermnistically. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll check it tomorrow. It’s near midnight and tomorrow I have some mini-exams…

oh wow… the best sort of bug!

apologies on the overzealous “resolution declaration”… :smile:


Seems to happen sometimes to me too. Did someone add “Hoarder” to the list of personalities while you weren’t looking? :wink:


If they didn’t there totally should be a hoarder personality.


Update - same thing happening in r114, with workers making the fire, then taking the wood away again.

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Can anyone else confirm this? I guess we’ll remove the Resolved tag and blame @not_owen_wilson - always knew he couldn’t be trusted.

Yes, can confirm:


red-handed! :angry:

Confirmed in Steam Client [R114]. Villager placed the block then removed it and went off to complete the building with it :

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This appears to be in R118 Steam Client also. Villager would place the fire block and sometimes another villager or the same would then removed the log from the fireplace.

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Ah, that`s why I felt something missing in the firepit…